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Love from the Matthews Brothers Studios. 44 542 42. That is the toll free number of the Howie Carr show. If you'd like to join us, we'll take some calls here and a little bit. But first we're gonna try to get on Joe diGenova, the former U. S attorney. And we have in mind here at 4 30 every Monday afternoon on Newsmax to discuss the Russia Gate or the spy gate situation and is Joe with us. OK, sorry. OK 844 542 42, So we'll we'll play a couple more a couple of cuts of while we try to get him 844 540 to 42. Um, here, Let's let's play. Let's play some Sidney Powell cuts while we try to get our phones back up and going again. Thistles City Powell yesterday and she's talking about sort of the same thing that That, uh, Ellenwood was talking about and he says he didn't Hey, didn't think he was cut off on his end, so we don't know what happened. But I don't know. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but we were it was wasn't our doing And it wasn't his doing. But something happened s so let's play Sidney Powell. She's the I guess, the lead attorney and this whole ongoing litigation. And she talks about how the evidence is pouring in from all over. Cut eight..

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