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Marrow transplants Lou Gehrig disease. Plus all the other categories. So are large numbers of pregnant women going to show up to get the shot, I say. If I'm a woman, I deal with the morning sickness and not get the shot because you don't They're testing and I watched the JJ CEO this morning on squawk box and they're in the process now of going through about a three month process of a trial for pregnant women. Now they have toe volunteer to get the shot. And the question was from Joe Kernen, who how many women have volunteered to get the shot and he said, we have a sufficient number to make it a valid Now you have to pay him something to get the other. Sometimes you get paid. Sometimes you don't. I couldn't imagine. Making that decision for my unborn child that I'm gonna make This decision for this child to put covert 19 vaccine into their system that is developing is a baby as a heartbeat when you're about 78 weeks old. Now. Maybe when, If you're a parent, you have all these other conditions and you're in that area. That's very much affected. But now you're putting your unborn child's life at risk. There is not any sort of trials done to the state. And even when the trials were done, the little mind they were done. And they didn't do it the right way. And you don't know you say that about anybody that in the vaccine now, but at least you're making the decision for yourself. Not some other person. So Type one diabetes, pregnant women, bone marrow transplants, cops, corrections officers over the age of 60 morticians. Those also daycare workers. This thing is almost wide open. Here's the big question. Are you ready for the big question? Fire away? Well, you get it. No. You're a young strike 40 years old, right? Right. And you're not going to get it. You know why Because I'm not in a group that's that's affected by it. I feel good. I feel healthy. I'm in very, very good health, and I just figure I there's a chance I might have even already got it and don't and had no symptoms from it. So why Why risk? Why risk it? Even if the risk is very, very small when the by and large I am even if I did get it. I would go on with life and be fine. The flu shot every year. No, no, because I feel like every year There's like three strains. And then though they picked like the a strain and turns out to always be the beer. See, string corrected versa. Now what do you do if your school tells you while the emergency used authorization is now done? It's safe and effective. FDA says it's approved and much like any other vaccine. Your kids got to get to go to school. Or if you're a teacher, you got to do this to go to school. What do you do? Oh, The tough one. September is coming. Is that one of the sea authors? Actually this summer is gonna be past that, and it's gonna be okay. We've now done sufficient research, and now it is safe and effective. And the schools, the planes, whatever it might be, you have to. You have to belly up to less than one year. It's deemed safe and effective, long term long term short term no matter what. Makes tackle FDA Well, anyway, that's that's your buddy, Anthony Fauci and others. And at some point and the prediction that in a month saved my mother's day. You're gonna have plenty of vaccine and people are going to get it now they're gonna be half the population. People like you are going to be told, well, rocky there fully participate. And what you want to do anything participate through her immunity the way it's been done for centuries and centuries. You get it. I bet you On a 50%. The population has had it cycled through it and come out on the other end. Fine. Al experiences 150 million Americans. I've had it. I would be half 150 million. Then you head on top of that about 60 million. Got the shot. You're above 200 million right now. Right now not counting kids is 80 million kids. That means about 275 million adults. And two thirds of our either had it. Or they got the shot. Now, every day that goes by is almost three million more getting the shot. So in 30 more days you're 100 million more. You're up to the number anyway. So the government continues to scare the crap out of us acting as if we're all going to die, and now we find out that 99 just a C Y a things that just to cover your behind, saying you don't want to come out and say Look, we're in the clear And then two weeks later, the Brazilian strain so we got another. We got the you know, you can't say it's the Chinese. Strangely, Jin color Brazilian correct You call it British. You can call it whatever. Just don't call it Chinese, For God's sakes. That means you're racially insensitive. We got to run, but we'll see what happens A lot of things to talk about. You and Eddie. Starting in about 10 minutes you got Let's continue with more the home of your reds, who lost yesterday. 5 to 1. Another game today, They're gonna play the A's. And then we see what we get back on track today. Get back on track. Things are more or less normal is normal. Is things ever get a news radio 700 wlw Scott Sloan here with a Bible listener tip for you. You can also listen to me in the morning of your smart speaker. And here's how just say Hey, Google turn on 700 wlw. When you hear that hunger calling your name and you need to get some food. Gotta find yourself a black sweater. Knit up whether Begin something good. Listen, listen, beautiful. My machine ain't no halfway in between. Gotta give me something before follow from the peoples in the hot found that Oh, the horse of yours and head home down to Roy. Yeah. Make a big sandwich every way. Rogers restaurants. Guess what, you big cut. It's a youngling beer battered. Cut fish Feli with cheese in turns us on a Kaiser Roll Royce. They say Helling and they welcome you say so. Come on down to boys and have a cowboy kind of D. Make yourself a great kids. But into.

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