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Dresden is described as kind of a backwater, and it is surmised that Putin might have been disappointed. To be assigned to Dresden and not someplace more. Glamorous. Your research found that Dresden was actually ah, hotbed of activities. So tell me what you learned about what Putin was doing while he was there. Yes, it was actually is quite important Hub. Of course. Yes, it wasn't glamorous Berlin, which is kind of the main for the prestige espionage went on. But because it was a backwater. It was actually very important because it was farther away from the spying eyes of the world whether Weston concentrate most of their forces. It was. First of all, it was an important helpful smuggling technology dressed and had a big computer factory called Wilbur Tron. They'd already used it to successfully cloned the ibn on technology smuggling was very important in those days because the Western imposed and embargo against the export of Julia's good which could be used for military means into the Soviet empire. But the third empire with death drastically behind the resting teach technology than arms race going on old Reagan denounced the Star Wars technology really desperate to get hold of Western technology. So what? Putin and his study? I live up to them. They will do you think From companies that means to gain holders of Western technology. They recruiting Western scientists in business with the hotel in interest in called Hotel Bellevue. All Western businessmen had to stay, and indeed it was kitted out with but on day often used prostitutes to compromise them. So this was kind of standard practice at the time. But it was also a place where study agents and KGB office is like putting more deeply involved in active measures. It was clearly a time when the Soviet Union like they couldn't compete directly military and economically with the West, but what they were very good at was covert actions. To undermine and disrupt the west on one of the groups that Putin worked with, According to Ah, foma member far less terrorist group Red Army faction was that he was indeed dealing with members of this group. That this far less terror group, which organized central bond attacks on western Germany was German industrial tight titans and Western four spaces. The members of the group will travel into dressed in through each position on they meet in a safe house with KGB officers and the offices in among them apparently was leading the Putin. They weren't giving them olders that there was suddenly giving them suggestions on targets and helping them acquire weapons on cash. And another defector heard also told of the story Defector who with Does the officer then who was working closely with Putin? He's told about how Putin was trying to acquire some untraceable prison from a professor and he was looking to do so by hunting pornographic material on him. You don't know everything operation came off, but it's certainly sounds familiar with the tactics that we've seen today. So would you say based on the evidence that you got? I mean, it sounds like A lot of records were destroyed. A lot of people have died or moved on. But you've heard from a few voices. Are you convinced that Putin was in effect? About an ally of thes West German analogue and supporter Aqui mover really for these West German domestic terrorists. I did put the former Red Army faction member I suspected he had a pretty compelling story to tell it wasn't possible to verify his account because of the members of the Red Army Faction who were involved in these meetings are either or old injury or that Um, so I tried to ask another former does the officers who worked with Putin then about thes operations, and they certainly fell. When I asked him, he said. Look, when it was top secret KGB didn't tell us about it and what they did. They certainly managed to destroy the documents enough on DH. You know, And when it was something like this, they would always blame the Germans so great. There is a very difficult tests to verify, but it certainly seems credible and compelling enough to Teo include because it's part of a pattern of action is of disruption that we've seen. And indeed there are reports are archives that show If the KGB was indeed kind of working with terrorist groups in the Middle East, was working with the PFLP, which was a splinter group from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation of the Al Qaeda, which has been retrieved. Turn the Soviet Central Committee on that. And we also know from the German Parliament own investigations after the reading education in Germany that the Stasi was very active in supporting these these Middle Eastern terror groups as well as the Red Army faction on DH. I was told by several forces that the stars even pretty much under the thumb off the KGB won. As one former operative put it. They said that they start Nilka, who's the head of the study. Then they said he wouldn't part without it a little different from the Katie. Today we're really operating, and so the That their control and also there's been numerous papers by a former CIA animus, which is documented relationship and how really started became a very important Home for the KGB and kind of working with the terror groups in the Middle East, on in Africa and with Germany we've been talking with author and reporter Catherine Belt in her book is Putin's people How the KGB took back Russia and then took on the West and we'll be back with more.

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