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I mean like kind of thought about it was like, well, no he. He's just kind of like a house cat bringing the mouse that they just killed their. To their to their person's feet like, Hey, I did this for you. Just like he has his you know they've imposed these sets of rules on him for who he can kill in staff. This is one of those cases where he kind of goes out on a high note for you because everybody loves a little step of vigilante justice when we know that somebody really really done wrong and Oh my God I was seething at Jocelyn I was seething at that character and I was look. Good somebody needs to take her out and thank God I love. Let's. Jump into a little bit of the relationships staff. So this book was not as heavy on the sexy erotic times as some of the other ones where there's a lot of sensuality in this book, which sometimes her are more about the sensuality than like. depictions of people actually having sex So you know that I. Guess We all know that you're the spoiler section. So there is more graphic sex and some of the other books. Yes. Okay. For sure. So that scene in the hotel room was. Like my favorite scene in the book. It was at times. Funny. It was at times intense. It was just it was all over the place in the best possible way a need is absolute humiliation. But like it not in a way where you felt anybody was like bullying or berating her. Ordering her and her inner dialogue was just completely like kill me. Like. It was so such a great example of all of that stuff in her writing playing off of each other. It's a balancing act because they're all talking about her in a way almost like she's not there but they're doing it to support her. This is a conversation that that she needs to be having that that they need to be having and she has the support group around her who know her and are helping her have that conversation that she is. Way Too uncomfortable to be having in that moments. That's it exactly, and these are all people that love her and care about her and a get into talking about kink a little bit because that is a part of the books as she probably picked up at a part of rata is Kinda like a little bit kinky be DSM type of stuff which is much more interesting than just to Hetero characters boringly going at it. I mean any of the League I Love I love the them trying to define vanilla. Oh. My God. I don't I, don't know if you know what my version of vanilla sex is. So we should probably define that tall my gosh. Perfect and kind of not even on the sex side. There was a part that I highlighted that just really touched me and it's when she's near the beginning of the book and she says I was marrying John Claude and Mica was married Nathaniel. They would be my intended forever and I would be there as we would intend to marry one indefinitely while we waited for the law to catch up with our hearts. And is like. Sue Sweet, and there's lots of depictions of how her poly group and her her people, how much they love and care for each other and it's just really it's just really really sweet. So I I have had some experience with poly-amorous people. We do not yet Paul em and I think that the idea of that is is the idea that when it's pure and win, it's and win. It's practiced is actually very beautiful and and is a wonderful thing for a lot of people not for me. I mean. Yeah and that's because everybody's different. Yes. But when it's done right when it's done honestly and truthfully it's beautiful. It really is well, of course it's I think that's exactly what she's trying to say it's just like monogamy is you know it's a beautiful thing. And It makes these characters a lot more interesting and it makes. The stakes a lot higher in some cases because there is multiple hearts and feelings involved So that's really really interesting stuff too. So there's some great like I mentioned the candidate vigilante thing. There's some great stuff where she talks about and I highlighted them you know with like people not getting their justice not getting you know served how they needed to be and I appreciated that it's a little bit of Canada a real world check in at points to not just makes all of those you know makes you feel much more passionate for Anita and everybody trying to do the. Right, thing, by Bobby Yeah, we've talked a lot of a lot about the relationships the plot itself is really exciting I. I was I was left guessing the entire time and not and not because it was too. It's like I definitely had some guesses and I don't know about three quarters of the way through I. Felt I guessed right on who was involved we we had a little conversation. You had a little conversation we were definitely on the same page. With Canada cracking this mystery and that's I mean that's not because it's a poorly written mystery. It's just gone. I have read so much mystery in our lives that were good at sloughing out clues and motivations was it was a good Mr gots a sign in my opinion of a good mystery. If you if you are able you, you don't necessarily have to. But if you're able to put the pieces together before the reveal I, think that that is a satisfying mystery. Crafted yes. Exactly and with like then leaving clues for us in the detectives to solve along with each other. And that's yeah. No, that's important because they have to be written in such a way that they're subtle or you know you catch somebody lying or whatever the situation is, and you know when Rico was just so sullen and really just like he was involved when when the aunts and uncle broke into the house, they called him to see if there was a deer up in the tree and he probably looked and.

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