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Because china rebel. And we're joined by the champion twenty thing champion. I mean later. Twenty twenty one john. Welcome back to inside civic is. It's a of who say's for you. You've been having a great time. Been having some great rices ends of antastic of the nineteen rights is run this year. You've won eleven of them. Some of demonstrably those others you have seen a great competitor and i will actually touch on something that i saw on sunday when cameras. One right sign thing and you came and shuki and congrat- him and i feel that very same thing. I remember all those years ago that you love rising and you don't have to win to enjoy it and that by in your smile on that sunday afternoon last weekend and over is being pretty good this year and like it's been altered to go into every right now on your chance to win as good as anyone but Yeah i found that right three. We're pretty cool. And he got a little bit lucky compared to the risky coal to guy around another lap and worked out with them and We couldn't couldn't make back the song we lost not going to get back in time. Yes i was towing a battle With a little bit rian now they can kinda hot the right around the street track. It was pretty good Yeah certainly enjoyed it one of the things. That seem so overuse. This year is that you have been more than just competitive. You've been the price at the rice strikes with the exception of thailand band and quite obviously because three different drivers in three different things one there. Why is the mustang. So good on time and being good with that we would. Somebody was power on sunday in the nicest lark Got stuck behind cam. The last one. I guy almost a little lucky with his engine but we were right there. Yeah every every right. I think we're pretty much the fastest cop but seventy qualifying little bit week. Sometimes especially in the cold attract. So but yeah. It's the was quite obviously the five hundred. The twin to fifties at towns you'll tame with extremely dominant The following weekend the other team had gone away and worked hotter would say but no other than triple eight had but they got the spade back that they admit because you know those two wins that you had on the opening weekend towns. Were very very sober weekend. Thirty twenty second wings. Yep are great and That's not that's not mobile as we know so we knew that other people were gonna come out stronger. I'm not sure what it was that gap because normally there shouldn't be anything close to thirty pecking got you know. I think we just had it wrought by sit up. So he's good there. And i i'm saying in our in that was to me. That was evidence the next week. Whenever i'm turned up with with foster now and the gap was was normal. You know there wasn't really wants out. Yeah i'm not sure what happened. The first thing we now this is your full change year. Full time in the series. It's extraordinarily thing. Go 'cause you're still a young man and or you might not feel you but before here and it certainly destroying their sought to a you had. What do you think different so much. This she fully autumn. Feel like anything about Yeah certainly i don't feel all like You know there's always something alone or it's still like on improving. So yeah i think i think there's always striving to be better and push push mine limit. settling sibling helps. But you don't i why this year with off about certainly you know we have made some downs with the car and stuff. So it's probably helped. Get the change of engineer from She'd be to David couch he did that. Make a massive difference is You know that. Don't think methods You know certainly miss having should around. He's great most and a and a great friend Yeah with catchy. In spain it's been really good and you know His enthusiasm and how hollywood and is ultimate. It's really cool to see feed that how passionate he is about it and you know You know you got to celebrate victories. When you're going well how much who puts in every week at the shop and away from the track is is pretty. Impressive are yeah. It's been cool cool to be a part of that but in somebody's you know when when i was talking to shippy You know when he was when he was dissolving thinking to result parts for moving you know he he knew chop this year would have been really hard hard to win. You know i think in some ways. There's a little bit gutted That he's not had part of it and until he looks at a bank account. Well we all have to work on the future. Don't oh yeah on aggregate them and that's the reason why why you went there. Yeah i understand that. But let's just start. Greg spot me because you'll say start off very differently because you back into your early. Is that being the wailers and you had. I mean you had the weekend in the rally. Cows they A school and then i Mitsubishi mirage and then we also offers you. You're into a tent say toyota in the new zealand growing free Then you had one of those extraordinary going. I think that anyone's ever had in new zealand that being a pit line stop and then going through the wits. You obviously had made decision to go into that early because they came out to you to join because it was not going to be an international rome rate was going to be new zealand one. You must've enjoyed it enormous. Not just the winning of it but the fact that you were so competitive right from the side of the funny one actually heightened the car It was. I was really caught it to get into a single theater again. I had fond memories of them. And how hard and aggressive you had to draw but in the amount of time of being away which you know it was two thousand seven. When i laugh strove those cards and a ribbing angry beats and you know very lot but now the it's it was a hundred and fifty kilo tibia and ever meet a longer. It felt like driving. A turncoat was super lazy. And you know the hard sabres impressive but you know. It wasn't a role based lock hoped it would be You know you had to draw. But with a lot of technique and quite smoothly it did probably a play into my vantage in some ways. But yeah i wasn't. It wasn't what i hugged. And and i actually struggled to fit in the thing which which is by probably to toll for it But you know. I i had to let break as well. I've never left foot right before a top from apart from rally cars and yeah i Took a long long time to adjust. You know i was really off the pace on the on the pray. Pray tempting but Stuck with it and yeah on the on the early days of the grand prix on the friday or a little bit off as well. But yeah chipped away and then and writing has had had really good pipes but Yeah it was very oakwood could drive and you know. The car was very top the Because of the highlight the gravity ohio. So yeah it was quite different but still still found and to do that mating. It was a lot of young kids than these alem with. Potentially a lot of them in the right. And then as a few of that here. I was in my mind says murphy and chris banda drifts and stop and it.

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