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Remember a couple of weeks ago when mississippi's governor shut down a whole bunch of bridges in the state yeah whether you know it or not that that is that is ongoing supervisors in two counties actually filed a lawsuit last week against the governor saying he has overstepped his authority by ordering the closure of those it's more than a hundred bridges across the state now the bridges he closed are locally maintained he issued the executive order what which said they were structurally unsafe now the lawsuit against the governor was filed by supervisors from jasper and smith counties both of those are in south mississippi and says the alleged conditions of the bridges on the county roads do not constitute a state of emergency or state of disaster so as to suspend the constitutional jurisdiction of the board of supervisors of said counties the governor pretty much immediately responded brian said independent inspectors found the bridges are unsafe i refuse to sit by idly and risk the loss of life he said yeah had the county's done their job i would not have to be exercising my dorothy which will protect the very people who elected these supervisors this was all roughly after a about two weeks after the mississippi legislators ended their three month session without agreed on some sort of a longterm plan to put more money into improving the highways and the bridges i guess the governor said all right you wanna play that game enough's enough he said he'll call lawmakers back into special session if the house and senate leaders can agree on some sort of a funding plan so that's a big chunk of what's going on there and mississippi's they've kinda got a urinating match going on between the governor and the legislature in the state who failed essentially to do their job did i see that corrective they only work three months out of the year they were in section for ninety days well okay i'll get back to your calls here just ahead plenty of room for you on a monday our number's eight eight eight six zero eightyseven eightyfive it is america's trucking network.

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