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The oddman out one you just alluded to which is to position on recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital the position on climate change pulling us out of climate pulling us out of tpp we boycotted the international migration meeting the other day in mexico so we've gone a long way from the united states being the principal advocate and promoter of international efforts to deal with regional and global challengers and now we're essentially sitting it out such a fundamental change in our relationship with the rest of the world and then secondly tom everything we are everything we do everything we say here at home has a foreign policy impact people see us for what we are sure whether it's charlottesville or the inequality in society are political dysfunction uh you name it the president's tweets and statements and the the rest people does that i think we've come a long way from a shining city upon a hill where our example was a powerful source of american influence i think increasingly the example were setting is is alienating more than it is inspiring and i want to give you your on berman a final thought on that same question us standing in the world worked so i i think there are legitimate concerns about american consistency about uh the message in the messenger i do have to say that i think actions speak a lot louder than words and in various theaters in particular ah on issues like combating the islamic state on issues like sort of moving robustly against iranian influence in the middle east this is going to get proven out i think in terms of much more about what the administration does rather than what a test that's the un birmanie senior vice president of the american foreign policy council he joined us from washington ilan thanks very much.

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