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Three thousand dollars weekend selling cecil fielder frank aramis eric davis rookie car i like now jim i would be considered a with because we've had all the doctor couldn't words but back then everybody thought i was going to be fair because the only way out her fourteen my dad rex me intent wicker scorned springfield maturity behind vibrate shoppers discount liquors touba our bagging i realize people collected warring leapt from wayne gretzky in jordan has chateau lafite in qena and launch one of the first ecommerce wind think at six million dollar europe as the business the commerce business which you lost was called wind library dot com but then gary youtube comes out what did you think when you i saw youtube and then what happened next to a threemonth old i thought i thought it was gonna be the biggest thing ever i was right about ecommerce the internet itself as you know jim some people it was a bad back then email i'm just right i was right until when you came and i thought it was gonna your bunk as sounds like screw it like i believe in this so i started wind show called wind might be i sat in front of a camera lank wine per twenty minute hundred thousand people come up with that twitter came out i uh i decided to invest in it and really go heavy on it and changed the course of my career youtube at because i realise social media was coming the world is changing and the next thing i did was in back on facebook twitter and tumbler and that set the course again you've got amazing videos these amazing videos which you post in fact you have literally hundreds and hundreds hundreds of them on youtube channel one that i love from a few years ago is entitled the most important word ever what is that word and do folks even your most arden supporters really know what that word means you don't think harsh so you know like i don't i don't hear my you know honestly i want to flip a switch on you like you didn't get your by accident it wasn't just like one day all of a sudden showed up with national show at all their mukti like i had euro vacation days.

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