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This is John Jansen check out. My new podcast in the trenches. We talk all things Michigan football, including exclusive interviews with players coaches. And alumni in the trenches is available for download on many podcasts platforms including tune in. Apple and Google play. You can also find every episode online at 'em, go blue dot com slash in the trenches. Don't miss your chance to go in the trenches with me, John Jansen. At bluecross blueshield of Michigan and blue care network. We work hard to show our members how much we value them. It's nice to know they feel the same way. We're proud to receive the twenty eighteen JD power award for having the highest member satisfaction. Among commercial health plans in Michigan. Every day. Our focus is all about serving our members. To learn more. Visit BC DSM dot com for JD power two thousand eighteen award information, visit JD power dot com slash awards. Walgreens football is brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts legal Reilly auto parts for all of your car care deeds. Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service at a Reilly auto parts, better parts, better prices every day. No the worst commercial. And I'm Jack we're the plow guys. Keep your driveway clean commercial businesses. They helped to the customized insurance plan that keeps the road, and that's newsworthy shouting out loud simultaneously enthusiastic..

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