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Would like to try see you try to put these beasts of fully to sleep. I would love to. Good. I put a couple to sleep in my day a couple. Yeah. Bees a couple of beats. Yeah. There were a couple a couple. Okay. Yeah. He's stuck me. Precisely the same time. Oh, that's companionship. Yeah. We need to get to our next guest. He's an automobile salesman. Although we don't know where he sells these automobiles have. It'd be my first question question. Do you have your first question locks loaded biz? And did what do you got? Okay. Well, you can save it go tell me what I was just gonna ask what kinds of cars. So that's good. Like, what brand do you mean or okay? Good size. Save that save that. Yes. Size mid-size. Yes. Is there? They compact midsize. And then what I think it's I think it's grown. Dave NT, David small. Do you have your first question, Danny? Yes. What is the best animal for? For what for driving animal to drive a car? All right. Save it. Okay. That'll be your first. All right. We all have her first questions. He's not a mobile salesman. Please welcome Gregory Smith. They have going. Look a lot of questions right out the gate because there's a lot of questions and a lot of clarifications. I gotta do you you maybe you you. You were saying I say automobiles, but actually I feel more than automobiles. I sell experiences and stories, and I said one automobile at a time because what I like to do is. I like to trade up a get a get automobiles would stories behind them like by. I automobile was from from from a mayor, Omar Bradley of County, California. I bought his call. And then I was like oh well concealed is. This is a story. This is the mayor. Did you go fly it if you didn't think you could tell it? Oh. Because I was like I knew I focus on one thing at a time. You just wanted to buy I wanted to buy it. But I was like I could sodas this brand is called as a, you know, a sold. It flipped it sold. It flipped it. Next thing. You know, got got George Wallace on heard you talking about George wells had his call. You know that was a good one. It was Cadillac DeVille. W-won't flipped it sold it for the did sold. It. What is the flipping involved before? You like you flip it and you sell it. Then you flip it again. Then you sell obviously when I sell you a car went about a car you had. So like, you know. Yes. So for example, if if you Scott all or baron, if you wanted to buy a my don't Danny out of this because that's the story. I don't want that. You're not you're not interested in his car. I don't I don't want that store. So okay. No, no offenses to you. And and what you got going on. But those are stories I'm trying to tell happy stories you have happy story. So when you buy a car, you're buying their story. Oh, yeah. Because I have a whole process. So when I meet say, so a meet you we're going we're going by by the com- Baio call. I require three hour sit down. Yeah. Yeah. We sit down for three hours like talking to a minister, Marie get married. But condu- because I need to know. What story I'm inherited because I can't flip a bad story. Let me tell you. So we if we were to sit down you would ask me what all of my experiences in the car. You know, tell me about the time. You lost your virginity? What was that? Like who regardless of if it happened in the car, you know, because that might lean into it. You know, how sometimes you you wanna take a class? You got pretty wet Chris sits, I guess, but my car right now I'd had it for about ten years..

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