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League joining freddie fits me as being radio how weird is that terry francona the cleveland manager and for this team was on the up medics coaching staff the year after year t 120 inro yep yep i i got to know tito so well uh you know what makes this a little easier to see a a record g you know go to somebody else is because a guy like that i mean he is either classes they comment if anybody could kind of navigate these waters for a club it's terry francona the guys he's just he's he so lose he makes the game plan i he's just such a he gets a smoothing atmosphere are smoothing uh uh you know a guy to have captaining the ship so you know for him to do it that's awesome lateness this club what is what does this mean for baseball because for an hour just talking at baseball in our opinion meaning mlb not the indians but major league baseball should be marketing this twenty game winner streak you know five hundred times more than they actually are when you look at this streak right now what does this mean for the game of baseball well i you know for me i i think it's it's just absolutely amazing i think the the the league itself is so talented that can put something like this together h i just i can't style the net i mean i look around i'm involved in the game so i get a feel oddity these players on from a scouting perspective uh you know on our onto your perspective man there did that the league is loaded with talent so i just don't see how you could put some like this together because you're facing so many good players uh that it just really it speaks to how talented this roster is how well let's put together uh you know how they're playing uh how they're managed but man this league is really really stacked in my life i agree i i think this is the bigger deal than uh uh you know i think more people should be hearing about it so that your kudos to these guys this it's an amazing feat a scott breaks that by.

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