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Then there's this so heat rainstorms. Whatever it is, you know when You never know when I should say, But you always know who watched on Skilling weeknights at nine and 10 on W. G and T V news back here with Justin Lombardo from the Chicago Archdiocese. Some like CPS. They have decided to open up the school's for in class learning. And just to clarify their Justin Is that five days a week? Are you splitting it up like hybrid kind of thing? How is that working? That that that may be good news to the parents. But maybe not So much for the students. It is going to be five days a week in class. It's back to when we all grew up, and it was five days. So yes, we believe that the full time option works with our cohort in model and most of our space requirements will allow it. So we're we're going for five days kill time, Okay? And then if there is an infection if someone gets in their plans for that, or what There are very clear procedures again, based on the guidance from local health authorities around that, So our cohort model, which is the notion of you keep the same group of students together. Okay without mixing with other students throw their entire school day. And those those that cohort stays together, not just for the one day that throughout the learning process, they are served primarily by one teacher. And instead of the Children changing for specialized subject, the teachers will change rooms so that that's a critical part of understanding our response. If a child actually becomes ill or or even if the teacher does Based on the guidelines that we have, which are the guidelines that have been then it been accepted by the pope of CDC and seedy P H and I d ph. We would immediately on confirmation that there is a a positive case of a child in a cohort. The cohort would be notified the parents would be notified and the cohort with in quarantine for the next 14 days. Along with the teacher on DH. The teacher would be asked to quarantine as well. And the learning will continue online at that point, so that we don't know that the Children aren't don't miss those 14 days. So we're we're looking at the eventuality of what happened. If each one of those cases by the way will then be reported tracked. And reported to CDP HR I d P age so that we can look, they can look at our data and they were beginning to see a pattern or this is an isolated case because the thing we have to recognize is we don't know where that one individual case may have come from. Where the where that the exposure on the infection happened. So you have to look after you when you're tracing. You look for patterns so they will have that data and we'll stay in in contact with them. Okay? And a cohort again is is what? That's another kid that with that I'm sorry. A cohort is a group of Children. So the court is the group. I apologize. I wasn't clear. But I'm learning on the new terminology. We all are. And my sister's indicator. She always uses stakeholders and Mike. Okay, stakeholders. Okay, That's all they needed to voice their opinions. Cohort is a group. The group of the group of the students right in this case, So we're looking at courts around roughly 20 to 24 people, 20 kids in it, and they're the group that will stay together for their learning back in the day. I don't know when I was educated in primary school. We didn't change classrooms, so it would have been everybody that was in the class for us, we would have been the court. So it's the group. You stay with him Learn with that on DK and people find all this information somewhere someplace. Yes, it's the The plan is up on the website for the archdiocese, which is Art Chicago, www dot Chicago dot org's and they can see what our plan is. It's also been distributed to all our principles all be pastors of our parishes. Tom have the information, so it's readily available for people to look at. All right? We're going to go the phones here and talk to people, but I did want to ask you this one. Question seven await, asked Mr Lombardo about Catholic high schools in the archdiocese. I believe they have a different plan from the parish schools Bill in Maquina. Right. They are. They are different on one of the things we need to recognize. They may be a Catholic school within the confines of the archdiocese, but they are run under a separate under separate governance. So each one of the Catholic high school with one I think there's one or two exceptions that are related to a parish. But most of them are independent bodies, and they have the option to have different plans than than we have for the Archduke. All right, Justin. Thanks for thanks for joining us and laying out some of those plans. People confined that on the archdiocese website. I assume with all the details if they want to get awesome stuff. Thank you. Thank you, Justin Lombardo. There he's the Chief human resource is staff development officer with the archdiocese. Let's go. The phones here. Let's see, Marie, You are a teacher at a Catholic school, right? Yeah. Yeah, I think I've been teaching for 28 years and I dedicated my life to the school system. And my concern is one that's a little bit different than some of the smaller schools. I'm in a large school. We have more than 650 kids and my cohort. I understand cause I read the whole 23 page proposal. And I'm on my school's chief Michael Hardy, 24 Children and I've been to my classroom and I cannot get my duck any further apartment two feet apart, And I'm just that's just scary because I've given my life I'm afraid. That's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna end up getting my life because we're going to have an outbreak. Have you voices concern me? Is this the kind of thing that you've you've brought up to anybody? Is there the forum for that to happen? Well, you know what? It's sort of halfway John because the letters that came out to us told us to talk to our principle and that the principles would take into consideration our fears and you know, that's one of my principal is wonderful. She worked the entire summer. To try to get a back to school, and she's working her butt off and really all he did with the hand the CDC guidelines to the school and they said, try to make it work for you guys..

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