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Richard Cantu, Pentagon, ABC discussed on Dave Ramsey


I'm Richard Cantu the Pentagon says no such warning exists multiple sources tell ABC news that as far back as November the military's national center for medical intelligence warned of an uncontrolled virus spreading through on China ABC news contributor John Cullen formally with the homeland security department what is surprising and what is disappointing is that our leadership did not take steps more quickly to pull together a cohesive government wide plan to address the emerging crisis again the Pentagon says no such warning exists while pandemic deaths top fourteen thousand in the U. S. hospital admissions and respirator needs in many places are easing somewhat vice president pence's administration point man on the pandemic encouragement that we may may be reaching the point where the impact of the corona virus is beginning to level off but it also should be an encouragement every American to keep doing what we're all doing on the road to the White House it's over for Bernie Sanders here now some three hundred delegates behind vice president Biden and the path for victory is virtually impossible the remote senator suspending his campaign I congratulate Joe Biden a very decent man who I will work with the move our progressive ideas forward but he's standing on the ballot to get as many delegates as possible to wield influence whenever the convention happened Joe Biden responded in a statement lied and said Bernie Sanders has done something rare in politics quote he hasn't just run a political campaign he's created a movement bitonic knowledge Sanders efforts to change the conversation around issues like health care climate change in income inequality and says well they may not agree on how to get there they agree on the ultimate goals ABC's mark run a large the global chemical weapons watchdog has for the first time blames Syria for sarin and chlorine attacks in March twenty seventeen you're listening to ABC news Arizona state KTA are on air ninety two three FM online at KTAR dot com and streaming live on the KTAR news app your breaking news and traffic nine oh two nine Gabriel coming you know D. D. A. R. I.'s on parenting just be observant and understand that there's going to be the motion if your child is asking questions about the corona virus and why schools are closed the school counselor has advice on what you should say Sarah scam with the Arizona school counselors association says keep it simple when the virus is how we can catch it and why where he recently there and use the words that you might hear on the news that they listen to the news use those words because that's what they're hearing also be ready to answer any questions they may have the best thing that I can do is to talk it over with their child if they need additional assistance vice I would reach out to the child's counselor is on the school counselors are available Griselda city no KTAR news it is day eight of the statewide stay at home order to curb the spread of corona virus in getting test kids is still a big challenge Arizona department of health services director Dr Kerr Chris says it's still a nationwide shortage of testing supplies so far more than thirty three thousand tests have been given in Arizona I'm hoping that as the supply chain strengthens we.

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