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All top everybody gets to jump over her. But I have these debates outlived their usefulness mean honestly with social media, especially these candidates. It's not like we don't know what they think. And I don't think debates change one vote. Nowadays I understand why the TV networks want them because it's revenue. The prestige, I guess I I love the fact that they're tamping down and having live audiences. I thought that made the whole thing into a circus anyway. I like I agree with you completely. I guess what I would say. The main thing that I take away from these is that they're not debates The Maur the moderator controls on the more They're two parallel interviews like a Sunday morning TV show conducted by a Chris Wallace and he says to one interviewee. Here is what question I want you to answer. He says to the next interviewee, either. Could you answer the same question? Would you answer a different one? But in fact, what they really ought to do is subject to even time. Period. Say that subject here is the economy. Could you go first? Mr Trump? You have two minutes, giving two minutes and then let the other side respond, and then you responded back to debate. Can you imagine what it must have been, like all those years ago to sit through a Lincoln Douglas debate downstate someplace there and 3.5 4 hours and you're mesmerized. People in those days paid attention. Aristotle Socrates. I mean, that's how we used to discuss things. Well, Yeah, um people like Abraham Lincoln who was misquoted? Of course by Kamala Harris. Ah, Ah. I mean, these people were knew how to debate and in fact, those debates served a real function beyond educating the population. In the case of a Lincoln Douglas debate, he Of Lincoln painted Douglas into a position which proved to be ah, really impossible for him to get out of witty ran for president about what should happen. To slavery in the Western states. So these were smart, capable people of but I guess I would say, uh, President Trump has mastered the newer medium.

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