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Little thing here where I push buttons in front of me and I I like sometimes hit the wrong button or I have no idea what I'm doing. I have no idea what I'm doing. Thankfully, I've got competent people in control that know how to keep me in line. Jeff Kerr. Discusses the Sunday in the NFL coming up with us, and we got a good time with that. And then we're having Carlos Medina. Come on. We'll play a little game. It's the holiday season gravel fun this morning Carlos Medina front office. Lois has always got great numbers in the NFL to he'll share some of that. But Have any of you ever heard of my Hallmark movie game? I think I told you last week we were gonna Yes, I have heard about this game. Okay, It's a game. So I want every one of you out there to start thinking about this because after the bottom of the hour, we will do this. Carlos Medina is so bright All you have to give him is Anthony. I need you to give me a profession. City. And one other random fact. To give me a profession. Hey. All right, A elementary school music teacher. Okay, That's very specific. Okay. Elementary school music teacher, Okay, then give me a location. Burlington, Vermont. Really? You're again. You're very still. You've watched a lot of these. Okay? And then one of the random fact dead spouse. Well, wait a minute. You've just given that that's every single one of the whole American movies, isn't it? Is that what it is like you could give. You can throw any scenario. Carlos, you could say OK, So I want you thinking about this because we're gonna test them because he does this on the fly. So I'm going to say something like Oughta mechanic. De Land, Florida. Mom's got Missing limb. And he can come up with the Hallmark movie and make it warm and fuzzy and romantic for you. Will test his knowledge of this come up a little bit later this hour. You're not going to get this stuff after the new year, So you better just just prepare. Jeff Kerr discusses all things NFL are the Steelers being dissed by everybody loving the Chiefs. We'll ask him his opinion. Next on the J. Keisha, CBS Sports Radio. This is the John Kincaid Joe called the Flu seasons here. It's not to make sure your family stocked up on the product you'll need if somebody gets sick pick up the new vics Day, Quill and Nyquil.

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