Senator John Mccain, Naval Academy, Mccain discussed on Sean Hannity


Maybe jets flying over the US. Naval academy in tribute to Senator John McCain at his burial it's notable that Senator McCain's father and grandfather both four, star admirals, in graduates the naval academy or buried at Arlington National Cemetery not here just, another way of some Senator McCain doing things his own way McCain instructors family to, bury him alongside his classmate from the class of nineteen fifty eight Admiral. Chuck Larson along the banks of the Severn river at details what was, said at the service remain. Unclear because the service was private no public oppress, accessories allowed, we do, know who, spoke Mark Salter Senator Lindsey, Graham general David betrays Jack McCain two thousand nine, naval academy grad, and a, navy pilot, navy helicopter pilot today and ceremony canes oldest, son Doug FOX's Lucas Tomlinson at the academy in Annapolis, Maryland a tropical storm watch in effect for the. Gulf Coast at least at the moment of very strong storm but every the message at this point is everyone especially in the northern Gulf Coast should pay attention and. Continue and continue to monitor Of the status of the system John Cangelosi with the National Hurricane Center some, strong winds and rain are likely over the next few days supreme court nominee Brett. Cavanaugh goes before senators this week in his bid for confirmation judge Kavanagh's. Hearing starts Tuesday Minnesota democrat Amy klobuchar says she's concerned about the process, because of what's being held. Back a hundred thousand documents that the archivist has, just with, because the, administration has, said we can't see them, but Republican Dan Sullivan of Alaska says he has, no doubt judge, cavenaugh won't, let loyalties, cloud is legal judgment I think he'll look, at what the ethics are with regard to a supreme, court Justice both senators on NBC's meet the press. Democrats won't have the votes to block the nomination unless they swing Republicans.

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