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That's the one incident Komag now I would be because reasons because he's a new Japan guys if hadn't got that big money contract speaking of big money contracts to transition into who will be signed to a contract by the end of two thousand nineteen. Nah just go to be originally last year it was W._W._e.. But with all elite and technically everything else will make this is just say contracts are now W._R._O._l.. Aid flattery like every company they were under now under interacts. Yeah we should keep it to ones that are like exclusive though because like you can work impact and still work India's yeah and we don't know if all it's going to be an exclusive thing I we don't i. They heard it was but I'm not under center. I've heard conflicting stories. Yeah it could be it could be on a case the case basis it could be like a hey. We're going to us you for like our tapings but we're we're gonNA use you as like amid card guy. We don't need you every single time. You need to make some extra money. When you wrestling hey go out and do your thing like I feel like it would be the company? That's relatively okay with that like a shortlist of like yeah you can work there type situations. It was kind of like that too where there were some guys who <hes> are on exclusive deals on other guys that can kinda workplaces and then maybe it's you know you worker show. They can't put you on the D._V._D.. But but maybe you can have a bunch of fans record you know the match and you know not throw them out and like those those little bit of footage can be put together. I don't know if that's ever been done before d._N._A.. That was what was that match even released. Yes I never I on the D._V._d.. I believe but it's not his. It's it's not like advertise. It's on they're sneaky just kind of the next show and it's like Oh. Hey this matches on here sneaky sneaky. Let's start with stacy so I have to I have the person who I think is actually not going to be available. I mean obviously we're excluding like hot sauce GENERA. I'm Jay F we already know that. Those guys are Baker Yeah. They're they're. They're already spoken for so I have the principal I think's going to be and the person who I think deserves outside of Kingston who I already said the person who I think we are no longer going to have at some point this year is and I think the person who deserves it is Matt Justice <unk> say the first name one more time. You cut out ignore you you said but just so it's consistent on recording the person that I think is going to be made not available is Manse Warner. I think he's going to be under contract. Someone and the other person I think that should is Matt Justice Ice with everything happening with manse didn't he just is he getting signed to M._S._W.. Yes I think so does that have exclusive no obstacles and everything okay now. Tom Waller's down there to see hasn't my only question about Matt Justice though would want depending on what who would sign him but would one place in particular sign him again medical medical like you said he's not the one that I think we're GONNA lose. The one that I think deserves it. No he at least like if he wouldn't go back to W._W._e.. Just someone else put the anyways on T._v.. Give them a shot ring of honor Cavani. You Ain't got nobody else right now. <UNK> fucking sign him yeah you know who we could've put forget of the year and I kind of wish I did but since I could never get an autograph or Pitcher I had not put in there but peo- I was thinking about that one breath he was here a couple of two items. It's like does that actually count. I I mean he was I would figure he's he was well. He wasn't a special special guest yeah since he was here more than what kind of why would he would appro. I would've made up my guest of the air if I got a pitcher with them. Because that's all I wanted from. I was looking more to him than whose for the rap show Godfather Yeah I was looking more for two that than Godfather Karonga photo ops duty any of the you had to like catch him and I I think after wrestle regime tweeted atom about and he's like Oh next time brother now sign them like fuck you concede that guy lost out on money. He should've been doing photo ops of him industrial when he had with them. fucking fuck in raked in some cash all right who are your picks cayden with a difficult one because a lot of people should be fine are signed already slow. Well we know N._J._S. NOT GONNA get signed to W._W._e.. Because the number one eighty w and number two he told us that he was going to be signed and how many years to w lean to so we're not there yet. He has another year on top of that before he's going to me so we're keep adding on those years. You know what who I liked to see the good he's been doing Katie adapted interesting one I know but who deserves it justice. How about you destined and <hes> I the only person who I really think of that is like I think like especially like W._w._e.? Would be sitting signing. That's even like out in the N._B._A.. Right now that's like in a W.. B. TVs move who've think P._B._S.. Move could get signed by the end of the year just because of his size and his athletic ability he's pretty intelligent. He's already had a tryout live in wrestling us on your ear when he added tryout think that I think by the end of the year the T._v.. Smooth getting signed and I also think corn slagle could get signed to like e W or sign do like or he can even just get re signed by W._W._e.. By the end of the year do you think he would have to like short-term deal Awada Telefoni Joe from for me. Pardon me thinks it could happen but I don't know crazier. Shit has happened but I'M GONNA go. Oh Filthy Tom Lawler and that 'cause I didn't really necessarily think who deserves it. I could go with everybody and say justice but you know who deserves to be seen by more people and his technically part EH W and I'm hardcore bias Marian Fontaine. I think you see what he said about bringing back the Megastar. Oh Yeah did did you. Did you see my comments huge news. It moved for twenty nineteen big news guys well if he brings the Earth Win and fire version. I don't want that one. I want the American sex machine version that was on prime wrestling and P._W.. Because that Megastar was the best and I miss miss it a lot and I think putting the right promotion which I think he is using somewhere but if I were to see more I it's the Society Fontaine that I haven't seen in years and it's the side that I fell in love with love. I Love Keel Megastar Mary and five if Megastar Fontaine comes out at Gauntlet for the gold. I'm poppin huge has it's it's over if he comes out and make a start married Fontaine. He's my picked win golf. Changing based on that one more question for the fine bucket Stewart. Who Do you want to see the surprising for the gold and all say is I? I want to hear you ain't ready for razor-sharp. Come sneakers for the OH. No you have okay. What do you get on that Cayden? Ed's not here bogeyman. He's in a work eventually boy boy. I'd love to see razor-sharp. I guess I love raising. He's man. I don't even know who my my surprise. The gauntlet would be like. I I love a surprisingly gauntlet. I know one that I would love for it to be and I know you would love for to be but mathematically can't happen yet. What's the what's the mathematical sleazy A- dog yeah yeah I would? I would freak the fuck out. I'd start flipping chairs. Hey you're single you. Burn the building down. Whatever building we were in would burn down? You'RE GONNA get that wouldn't be vinyl birth. It'd be over. Are Are you going to get your woman back. I mean I think she's getting married. Issuing like you know things. Are Kinda like complicated enough. I've been once. I'm in one part of my life. It's another part of her life. I don't know I would I would freak out piano timing wise. It doesn't make sense. I don't even know I don't even know whom I would like to see. I was watching some old Ed of you. See maybe all referee Dave Dawson. Bring up for boots and how you diagnose what I'm saying. He's he's tired of the entire does Aref. Did I miss the the announcement for retirement. He repeated announced it on facebook Kennel now be I'd like to see maybe maybe have dame show up in the fuzzy boots. Okay you know who I would pop for Marcus Vonn uh-huh my God freak out building down Marcus Cor von showed up all over so Vermoti Brown magin Magin t Monday's ordering all by himself all markets combined comes up. I would burn the plane south. I started throwing things I would be unruly the over. I'd be so unruly <hes> my pick would be related to Dave Dawson then because you're going back to the bootlegs cousin no not yet Hanley Hatred. I'll God do now. That's the number one for anybody. If H aid number one answer hatred Hashtag. where's Haley hatred no chest flex her? I would enjoy just lecture coming back. You know something I pointed out the adult reporter the other day and it's something that I really love and the continuity especially with weird body wherever weird body talks about like having to talk somebody to get something done. He talks about having to go talk to chest flex her which nobody else does Chesler is still part owner of this company of being as a completely forgetting this all no I'm. I'm not forgetting this because I I spoke the chest lecture about at this past year about him. W about him still being part owner said Yeah I am Fars. I know you won't be C._W.. So so he's gone. Are there any other any other surprise entrance. I think all depending on when Gauntlet officially is we it could get the look a lot of people's faces. They don't know who they are Super Oprah. That's all super..

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