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And downs it's just the nature of our sport you can't win them all and the last two games we haven't scored runs we scored zero runs on sunday against vanderbilt one run on tuesday night against you will and if we could just generate a little bit more offense we could won both of those ball games so can't do anything about the games in the past but we still have more than half of the season left and we gotta keep improving now we've lost we lost as you know to do to injury two of our very best offensive players in josh myth and brand broussard's most clutch hitters and good base runners and they're very good offensive players but we're but we're without him so we can either sit around and feel sorry for self and make excuses or we can pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and find a way to get it done and and we're going to get it done and that's the choice we have to make and but we have to improve in order to be a better offense if team and there's a lot of little reasons why i think we we haven't been hitting as well as we should and i think we're capable of doing better so we worked on it a lot yesterday and i know our players are good kids and they work hard and here's just sometimes when the game starts i forget about the things you work with them in practice about and and they lose their approach at the plate so hopefully tonight they'll they'll be back in it we're facing a really good pitcher tonight in pilkington and we know the challenges they are so hopefully first of all zach hassle pitch great force and keep them to a low run game to give us a chance to win as you remind me all the time regardless of record you guys play great competition and.

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