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Abc news nightline is brought to you by indeedcom post your next job opening on the world's number one job site good evening everyone thanks for joining us tonight here at night line we are once again reporting on yet another mass shooting the deadliest in texas history this one at a church leaving twenty six dead the youngest killed a one year old child in fact at least a dozen of the victims were kids it's the kind of bloody carnage that's become horrifyingly familiar to us in the past decade an elementary school in connecticut a movie theater and colorado a nightclub in orlando a concerts in las vegas all ordinary places where we all gather turning into crime scenes changing lives forever both the death toll and frequency of these attacks increasing these are just some of the names of people murdered in mass shootings in just the past year tonight we are on the ground in sutherland springs texas as the police investigation continues what let a madman to unleashed a hail of bullets on this small church the hero neighbour who heard gunshots and ran to help plus the shooters violent past taleh clerical error by the air force allowed him to get that military style weapon nightline continues with matt gotten in sutherland's brings texas a little church white street small texas town suddenly thrust into the glare of the national spotlight heartbreaking churches my family after eight gunmen opened fire killing twenty six people during their something ritual a house of worship and there's so many that are god loans sutherland springs joining las vegas orlando new town.

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