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I'm Chris Foster. Fox News. A Taliban spokesman says the U. S must complete evacuations and get troops out of Afghanistan by a week from today. President Biden's been speaking this morning with other world leaders of the G seven group of nations about Afghanistan and getting civilians and allies out. And there's been a secret meeting with the Taliban's leader, Senior U S. Officials confirmed that CIA Director William Burns met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul yesterday. That's the highest level in person encounter between the Biden administration and the Taliban. Since the group took control of the Afghan capital. One of the issues the U. S. Is facing is the massive airlift of those who want to leave Afghanistan. And the potential of moving back a deadline of August 31st while the Taliban is currently allowing evacuations to continue from Kabul, a spokesman for the group says any extension past the end of the month would be quote a clear violation of the U. S agreement on the withdrawal of troops. Tanya J. Powers. Fox News. The House is back in session at noon today, votes to advanced infrastructure spending on the Democrats Go it alone, Bigger spending bill have been held up over some centrist Democrats insistence that the bipartisan infrastructure will be passed first. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been trying to tie them together to make sure the larger bill gets through. Warning to not use a D warming drug to treat Covid 19. A spike in calls to poison control in Mississippi has the state warning people against using a drug called I've remarked in an anti parasitic treatment for humans and animals like horses and a hardware medicine for dogs, though the drugs produced for humans are different than the drugs made for livestock, which is highly concentrated and toxic to humans. At least two people have been hospitalized as interest in the drug rises amid spikes in the delta, a variant of the Corona The virus foxes Jeff then also the Israeli military announces airstrikes in response to machine gun fire from Hamas militants in Gaza. America is listening to Fox News. With the FDA giving full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. State health officer Dr Scott Harris says he hopes he gives more confidence in the vaccine. This is the most safety data that any product has ever had in history before being fully approved by FDA. This has been given to hundreds of millions plural hundreds millions of people already and so we have really, really complete safety data on this. More than three million doses of the three vaccines have been administered in Alabama. M reaction also coming in from hospitals. Jim Parity, reports the director of the Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic at U A B. Dr Paul Gifford, says the approval is a positive development. It is great news because I think a lot of people have trusted the FDA. In the past, and we're waiting for full FDA approval. Gifford says he thinks the approval will marginally improve vaccination rates. I think it will mean a few, maybe 5% points of the population will be, um Moved in order to get vaccinated. He predicts the FDA soon will grant full approval for the Moderna vaccine. Johnson and Johnson says it will begin the process to get approval for its vaccine later this year. I'm Jim Farraday booster shot of Covid may be accompanied by some side effects. EXPERTS City It's normal, Dr Wesley Willeford, with the Jefferson County Health Department, saying people with compromised immune systems typically do have some minor side effects. And part of that has to do with the fact that their immune system isn't quite firing on all cylinders says so the there's very few side effects with regards to getting that third dose for a person with a little bit of a compromised immune system, he says. People should try to avoid taking pain medication after getting that booster shot. I'm Leah.

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