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Names. Okay. Is this a staffer that was already fired or staffer that's still working for the Lakers because if he's still working for the Lakers, you have a stitch in your organization? So for them to come out and say magic was mistreating the employees ease. You could talk about his ex knows who we drafted not surrounding the Broncos shooters. I get all that. That's part of his job description to go after a guy's character. And then you don't put names behind it. But you, you say Magic Johnson this magic combat. And I talked to a staffer Doh don't wanna hear it. I want name who said that about magic in the front office. Okay. Because that needs to be held accountable as well. So where's genie plus and all this, right? The whole rob Pelinka not being able to trust. I can see that people not trusting rob Pelinka. I can see what magic said about. I can see that being in it and, and kinda knowing rob I can see it. Well, what do you mean? I could see rob bean. I can see rob staying stuff about Bajic being backstop. I can understand that if Majid said that because magic is, is a straight shooter, right? But are you basing off experience? I'm basing it off. I know magic and the one thing that I've known about him from my freshman year UCLA. He has never ever lied to me, now, he's never sugar coated anything he told me when things have been good. And he's told me when things have been awfully bad. He's been brutally honest with me, along with Michael Cooper, along with Byron Scott. Those guys raised me at UCLA. So when he says that rob was backstabbing, I'm going to tend to believe that when he is holding staffers or people in the front office accountable, and he's given them tough talk. And they don't like it. I tend to believe that he's being straight shooter. So, yeah, that's when I say about rob Pelinka and other people in around the league don't trust him. I can see that. Yeah. The only thing is that, you know these voices in they're just voices. They're not names, as, you know, they, they feel like if their names are mentioned. Are they put their jobs in jeopardy, or nobody listened to them, because it's Magic Johnson? Like I understand those who don't want to come forward with their name attached to it because, you know, this is magic and it still magic coward way out. I don't want to hear. Look, if you're brave enough to speak to a reporter put your name to it. Put your name to it. Kansas City Magic Johnson, and that's it. I get what people are frustrated with magic because on the flipside magic never should've done that press conference. Magic never should win. And just straight said, I'm out. He should've went to genie for, there's and he is a smart astute businessman if someone done this in one of his businesses, he would have been outraged. Well, they hired him in the first place, though, reg. I'm not letting magic off the hook here. What I'm upset about is you can't go after someone's character and not put your name behind it. On the Lakers, have someone in their organization whose continuing to talk. That's the problem with the Lakers, and this is going to hurt them in free agency because who do you trust? Who is a hierarchy there? I'm not hearing anything from genie bus. Yeah. That's part of the problem. Right. There's no leader no leader edge. That's the problem is, is Linda Rambiz. I mean who running things? You done. I am. I saw, you know, I knew I knew it was gonna come out that people were gonna bad talk Bajic bad talking about his decisions about him drafting about him not, you know talk about the accident. Those don't talk about him mistreating employees. Come on, man. Don't start that putting name behind it, and then I'll be like, okay. All right. This. Now. What thank you read. Sunburn over Memorial Day. What was that on your chest, by the way, what was that? I was going to a sporting event. I'm his painting my stomach. And none of it's going to put a D. I was going to the New Jersey Devils game. And I was just going to put a D on there. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I get do you get sunburn. Come on. You got the best skin pot. Black don't crack bronze. Oh, you brands like that. That. Yeah, I burn, I burn burn. Abroa- baby burn. Thank you read about the cannot wait for next week. So we'll see. What's going on in this series? Thank you, bud. Reggie Allah wishes Miller junior the third, we'll take a break last call for phone calls. What we learned in Roger Staubach talk sex. That's next. But wait, there's one more and it's traegergrills ready for barbecue season. Yeah. Triggers, especially ready, the new lineup of grills. They have the pro the Ironwood and Timberline grills. You can find out about the wildfire technology, these grills come fully loaded. You can ask about that new direct drive train that they have no excuse to cook without flavor. You don't need gas. 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