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Functionally topics that can help you improve your life, sure inspiring stories and always end with three easy to implement tips that you can put to work right away and usually in about five minutes now let's get started on the five minutes. That could change your life. Hello and welcome to a very special episode. Five minute functions way. This is all about fertility, and we're GONNA be talking about ways to improve conception. Today as the day after my thirtieth anniversary in just knowing that you know Tim and I have been married now for thirty years, and I had actually recorded on this podcast yesterday. Unfortunately, it's also mercury retrograde, and this is my second recording of this particular topic, because the first recording was unfortunately recorded on a different microphone. A camera with a microphone in that I have my regular podcast microphone and wouldn't you know? My camera microphone picked it up and I didn't check and just double double league. Be Certain that this was the correct microphone. So here you go lessons for mercury retrograde. Always check. But my my yesterday my anniversary. Brought up a lot of tender feelings about on the years, and we're all tim and I have come from what we've done in accomplished in those thirty years, and without a doubt one of the most. The most important thing that has come about has been our son, and it took US ten years of trying before he came into our lives, but ever since those little brown eyes of set their gaze online I have been pulled by the tractor beam of love. And you know it's a it's a really special thing, and I know the pain and I know the struggle of trying to get pregnant of having infertility. It's something that runs in my family and it's just not one of those things anybody. wants to go through, but it just how it worked out. But there's no question that one of the most beautiful things that you can do is have a baby. Come into your life and to have that experience of of. Share your love with this new child and it's it's an absolute. Wonderful Time. Yes, it takes a lot more focus, but gosh, it goes so fast, so you just got to enjoy every single moment well, let's talk about funkaway and pregnancy so when it comes to places that increase our odds of getting pregnant. Many of us probably think more about our doctor's office and we do our own home, but just as you would look for underlying medical reasons that might impair your for Tilleke you also want to examine your. Your home to make sure that it supports conception now from the perspective of funk sway infertility can be attributed in part to energy call. Chee on. That's maybe the key that's been blocked or stagnant. This ancient art aims to balance the energy of a place for the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives there, and was some functionally fixes I think you can create home that encourages positive energy and conception. Let's talk about the mouth of cheap now. Your front door area is the mouth for your home. Just like you have a mouth on your face, and your mouth determines how your nutrition in if your lips were sewn shut, and you just had a little space for a drinking Straw will chances are, you would be really limited in the amount of nutrition that your body can take in and assist same thing with your home when you have a front door that's blocked. Maybe you have a French a tree. Tree in front of your front door or there is a straight Arrow runway to from the street to your front door. These are all things that can kind of throw off that energy and create either rushing energy. Maybe you get pregnant and then and then lose the baby, or it stops pregnancy, so there's not any conception that can occur now. When everything is in harmony, the energy that comes into our home is called she if flows like a river. But when that environment really doesn't follow that key principle of a function that energy stalls in the result can be anything from headaches and fatigue to job troubles and infertility so to bring your home into balance. We always want start at that front door. which is that mouth of Chee, so you should be able to open up your front door and have open space in front of it. There's no no poll right there. There's not a a tree opposite the door. If a block entryway that that encourages a block of conception, so let if you do have a block such as. A tree or a pole or something? That's right opposing your front door. Then we want to put a wind. Chime on either side of the front door to help lift that energy away. That's because the main purpose of a wind chime in Funk Shwe's actually the lift energy those tubes, or like a straw, and they pull up energy and funnel it away from the House. It's really more important to have that than to have that sort of tinkling kind of sound that wind chimes. Have that so pretty? That's really why we want to put that. wind chime on either side of the door. The other thing that you can do is aimed a light at the base of the tree. You can even get those solar lights that can just put it at the base of the tree. If you have a tree, that's opposite your. Your front door. Shine it up that tree now. If you have a mirror, opposite your front door. That can also be a impediment to conception because what it does is it pushes if you can open your front door and see yourself in a mirror, it pushes conception energy right back out the door as well as money and opportunity, so we never WANNA have a mirror placed anywhere near the front door where it can push away that that precious energy of conception and it's really crucial to make sure that there's no, there's no reflection of the front door and if you're if you're you have a alongside way in Ames straight at your front door. Break that up a little bit with maybe some plantings on either side of the of the walkway, or to create something in the middle maybe a little circle in the in the middle of your of your sidewalk to help create like a little planter or just something that will help. Break up that energy, so it's not quite so straight because that can. Can really create some problems with not just getting pregnant, but staying pregnant, and that's what we want to pay. Close attention to is anything that can interrupt that that very fine energy. Let's talk about the bedroom Obviously the bedroom is always important space in funkaway..

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