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Twenty one degrees going up to fifty one this is Washington's top news one oh three point five FM and W. T. O. P. dot com here is Stephanie games Brian warning the fall here county teenager named as a suspect in the death of his mother and his little brother on Friday is now in custody in North Carolina we're learning more about the circumstances of his arrest suspected of shoplifting and target Saturday night I was told by Durham PD he was in the sporting good section detailing some of what seventeen year old Levi Norwood was said to be carrying around in the store Parker county sheriff's sergeant James Hartman he had hair dye clothing and a backpack when authorities were searching for nor would **** your share of Bob measures as the team's purple hair was a distinguishing characteristic you talked about that that was part of what you guys did in the media that helped us so we appreciate that Kristy king WTOP news a developing story we're following a man is dead after a shooting in northwest Saturday evening DC police say the shooting happened just before six PM and the one hundred block of N. street northwest police found thirty four year old Eugene Isaac junior had been shot and was taken to a local hospital where he later died Isaac junior had no fixed address according to police no one on the circumstances and no word rather on the circumstances of the shooting as it's an ongoing investigation investigators are looking for a large black SUV Fairfax county's top police officer says he wants to set the record straight this after the department of justice claimed the county failed to cooperate with the feds as it investigated exactly what happened the night wind bichon gays are whisks shot and killed by two US park police officers in twenty seventeen that is absolutely not the truth Fairfax county police chief ed roster is taking issue with the claim by US assistant Attorney General Eric dry band it came in a letter to the Fairfax county Commonwealth's attorney who has begun investigating the shooting now that the federal investigation concluded the officers wouldn't be charged we assisted the FBI greatly with this investigation Ross was officers were assisting US park police when the pursuit and subsequent shooting took place he says they offered police reports officer interviews and more and Ross are released emails which appear to show a major or the department offering to assist a special agent WTOP has reached out to the DOJ for comment Mike Morello WTOP news do you know where the safe spaces on metro rail tracks in metro stations it's called in under platform refuge area and demand used it at the capitol south station yesterday morning additionally people thought the man had been hit by the train a metro spokesman says the passenger apparently intoxicated stumbled and fell onto the tracks a train entering the station could not stop in time but the man called into that refuge area then when the train was gone jumped back on to the platform he refused treatment from medics and left the station appearing to be okay it's three oh seven sometimes the apple your smartphone doesn't give you the full story a crash involving the overturned tractor trailer near the Woodrow Wilson bridge the earlier flooding has receded and both of your lanes are open outer loop before river wrote it down three along the right side but it's an ex of mine with a fuel leak their training the saddle tanks right now there's a hazmat crew on the scene WTOP he gives you the why behind the what's in your traffic woes traffic reports every ten minutes on the aids on WTOP it's three oh wait get a fifty nine dollar precision furnace tune up by calling eight hundred nine four eight Mike traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks up if you're traveling through Annapolis headed toward the bay bridge to crash eastbound on US fifty just before you get the extra for came saying clear road exit twenty nine the crash long right side stay left to get five west bound or in down fifty headed toward Annapolis and beyond toward the belly not affected your moving well still working on the end of the valley in prince George's county assured south of arena drive in passing Central Avenue single file right did you buy the works and they were working on Central Avenue underneath of the beltway he's value we're getting by single file to laugh but no complaints of delays with either works environments very light on this federal holiday after driving on a in Silver Spring aren't on Georgia Avenue approaching Spring Street stay last past the work and I'm cold soul Rhoden blocked each way I between East West highway in Wayne Avenue that for our work near the Silver Spring metro station is all part of the purple line construction and the traffic on the Virginia side because I ninety five nine three ninety five a moving well early on no issues on sixty six east as far west as Haymarket two rows and rows of all bridge in the district as I two ninety five in DC two ninety five moving well early if you've been tasked with setting in the state you need a professional cough addition wary services seven oh three to six seven sixty one hundred or more online that we settle estates dot com we settle estates dot com rich under WTOP traffic as we had the your presidents day we're gonna warm up we're headed to the low fifties this afternoon pretty mild by February standards mix of sun and clouds with more clouds tonight tomorrow high temperatures.

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