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It's 7 30 live from KQED News. I'm Brian what Oakland City Council plans to consider a report's recommendations to defund the police department. At its meeting today. Quds Kate Wolf reports in the aftermath of the George Boyd protests that rocked the nation. Oakland City Council created a task force to find alternatives to policing and slashed the amount the city gives to the Police General Fund in half. The committee made 17 priority recommendations earlier this spring, including reducing the scope of the Oakland Police Department and expanding community programs focused on violence prevention. The council will vote Monday on approving the report's recommendations and prioritizing them in this budget period. In a statement, the president of the Oakland Police Officers Association called the council's consideration of the report insane. He added that police staffing is at a five year low and violent crime is surging. The city has seen 41 homicide so far this year. I'm Kate Wolf. KQED News. Dan Vail's police chief, is scheduled to report to town leaders this week about his department's hiring and training practices that it says the town police officer is facing criminal charges for a deadly shooting in 2018. Quds, Alex Emslie reports. Officer Andrew Hall shot lot. Omer Arbel ETA nine times as the 33 year old Newark man steered his car slowly into the gap between two police cars. Prosecutors charged Hall with manslaughter last month. Contra Costa County Sheriff, which provides policing services to Danville, initially cleared Hall of any wrongdoing. I went on to fail. We shoot another man, Tyrel Wilson in March about six weeks before he was charged for killing our Valetta. Investigations into Wilson's death are ongoing. The families of both men say they had mental illnesses. The police chief is scheduled to describe how officers are trained to deal with people in psychiatric crisis as well as hiring standards. The council meeting is set for Tuesday evening. I'm Alex Emslie KQED news. All indications are that San Francisco and Marin County will enter the state's coveted yellow tier of coronavirus. Reopening conditions later this week. KQED S Nina Thorsen reports. The yellow tears to find his minimal risk. It's the least restrictive stage of the state's framework. The biggest changes that bars can reopen indoor service up to 25% of capacity or 37.5%. If everybody shows proof of vaccination. Churches and other places of worship could have 50% capacity indoors. Conferences can also get bigger and sporting events could have more fans in attendance and some live events and performances can resume with limited numbers if audience members have assigned seats and don't mingle, I'm Nina Thorsen KQED news. The Livermore City Council plans to decide today whether former council member John Stein will keep his seat on the planning commission. That's after he said He didn't want downtown Livermore to become in his words, a ghetto. This happened during the Planning Commission meeting on April 20th. The panel was considering a request to build a 130 unit low income housing development. Stein apologized to the council a week later and said the city should have inclusionary housing to serve all segments of the community. He said he wants low income housing throughout the city, and it shouldn't be concentrated in a single area..

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