James Comey, Barack Obama, Ghazi discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Triple eight nine. Seven one. Seven two four three. We've been talking about how when it comes to the left. It's not about hypocrisy. It's about elitism. These are people that literally believed that. They are better than you the smog. You know it was like that girl that you wanted to date back in the fifth grade and you were wearing the tough skins and she had to leave is so you just knew it wasn't going to happen. Every time she passed by doing. You had your pro wings and your tough skin see what just she would. Just look at you and just be like no. It's not going to happen and and and you would just be devastated because you knew you were like just. I'm just not on that level but you really wanted her but you know no no. I'm not. I'm not talking about my life at all. I'm not talking about my life at all. so van. Men revealed in his memoir that he in fact was the whistle blower. See this stuff. They're elites their elites. They don't even believe that our constitution in my opinion is divine or great because they are totally tearing down our structure. They are totally there. They are fundamentally just as barack. Obama said they're fundamentally transforming america and it started with him fast and furious. Irs being ghazi and then it continued on with both he and biden with james comey and all of these frauds. We got the russia hoax crossfire hurricane. We got ukraine right. Which is what. I'm talking about now. Within inman we get the the the pandemic you better shut everything down. You better lock everything down better. Destroy the economy while trump happens to be an office in has a great economy and was going to easily walk away with a victory and november twenty twenty. But no no no no no. No we gotta we gotta shut that down dailies. Don't care if they have to destroy your life as long as they get to retain power. It's pretty sick. it's pretty sick. But it's the truth so in november two thousand nineteen the nfc leaker lieutenant. colonel alexander. Bandmann testified on day three of the atom full of shift trial ranking member of the house. Intelligence committee devenue nez republican california. Straight up aspen man. If he discussed the july twenty fifth trump's alinsky phone call with anyone outside of the white house. Being men testified that he spoke to people about trump's call to alinsky. That was george can't who is a state department employee. You guys may remember seeing him testify in front of congress and someone in the intelligence community about trump's phone call..

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