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Hello, welcome to classics for kids. I'm Naomi Lewin by the time. Italian composer Giacomo Puccini was born in eighteen fifty eight. There had already been four generations of Puccini musicians in his hometown of Luca Italy. Most of the Puccini's were church musicians, but Giacomo had other ideas as a teenager. He fell in love with opera. That was the kind of music he wanted to write. Giacomo mother decided that her son should study at the conservatory in Milan as a widow with seven children. She didn't have money to send him there. So she got the Queen of Italy to give him a scholarship. Some of Puccini's student compositions wound up getting recycled in his operas. Justice. Puccini was graduating. He heard about a competition to compose a new one act opera he wanted to enter, but he had a hard time getting down to work. Thanks to his mother who kept prodding and encouraging him. He finally turned his opera into the competition on the last possible day. Cini didn't win a few weeks later. He was at a party with some of the competition judges who didn't remember his operate all. So they asked him to play through it on the piano. They liked it so much that they decided to produce. It may Lee who genie's first opera turned out to be a big success. But the opera that made him famous was his third one. My, no, let's go. Menno Lesko was a huge hit. Puccini traveled all over the world here performances and earned enough money to buy his first house. It was in Torretta Lago a lake side town near the Alps where Puccini loved to compose and where he loved to be distracted from composing when he wasn't spending time hunting or boating, or playing cards with friends Puccini worked on his next opera, LA Bowen based on a play of poor artists and students in Paris. Most of the critics who heard LA Boheme didn't like it at first, but audiences have always loved it. And it still Puccini's most popular opera after that he composed tusk, which is also based on a French play. Any had such exact ideas of what he wanted that he drove, the people who wrote his libretto's crazy, making them revise their work over and over LeBron is what you call the words of an opera. It means little book in Italian, and then there were the times that Puccini had to revise what he had written. The first performance of Madam butterfly was a total failure, but Puccini kept revising the opera until he got it right. Even though Madam butterfly sings in Italian, the opera takes place in Japan, which these next opera the girl of the golden west takes place during the American gold rush with a saloon keeper, abandoned a sheriff, and even a horse. The horse doesn't sing for his last opera toward dote. Puccini went back to the far east and a story about a Chinese Princess and the prince who loves her. Died before he could finish Turandot, and people still argue about how he meant it to end and about how the name of the opera should end. Whether it's pronounced to dot for Toronto when Puccini died. He owned houses all over Italy, but he was buried in the one in Todo Lago that he bought right after his first big success Puccini came along right when Italy was looking for its next great opera composer and he turned out to be it next week. A brief history of Italian opera. I'm Naomi Lewin. I write classics for kids and produce it with Tim Lander at W G UC Cincinnati. Please join me again next time for it. Talion opera on classics for kids.

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