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From NewsRadio 700 wlw. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear. Dennis Don Kam, It's a cloudy forecast here in the tri state this morning wind shields are down into the single digits and with a high of 20 today at the warmest it's feeling like 10. We will also see some flurries out there today. Tonight is colder down to six with the windshield just below zero. And throughout the day Wednesday mostly cloudy and high of 24 from here severe weather station on nine first morning meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark news radio 700 wlw picking up some light snow on radar from Hamilton South and the Fairfield then he said to sharing Bill Blue Ash Milford. Lanchester. Often the potato via in Williamsburg is well is 12 degrees right now Flies from C. V. J. D. Dallas and Houston once again canceled today, parts of Texas experiencing the same kind of weather we're seeing, and that's quite unusual in that part of the country. Plenty of people around the Lone Star State know how Archer Net Ruffin of Dallas feels. I've never seen this much snow in my life that the fear school that brought the snow has also brought massive power outages. Many induced by electric providers to protect the grid from breaking down. Accustomed to dealing with hurricanes and tornadoes. Governor Greg Abbott puts it bluntly. The winter version of Hurricane Heart, Jim Brilliant. ABC NEWS Dallas David mostly cheers back in action tonight, there in New York Figured ST John's air time. Here's eight o'clock. Cincinnati teenage tennis sensation Katie McNally out. At the Australian Open. She and doubles partner Coco Golf lost overnight missing a chance to get to the semi finals of the major Serena Williams is back in the semi's this.

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