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George press loan Camry Doda an here in the studio. Georgia talking about. What the, the state parks, it brings a lot of money into an area when when a park is, is, is put together. Right. And, and the older parks have they get the facilities much better. But then what it does for the people in that area how they can utilize the parks. And that's what Camry comes in Kim a yell. You Lhasa parks. I mean it's such a great place to go walk just to get people in shape. Absolutely. I mean, we've seen direct benefits by exposing the kids at such a young age, and there's so many lessons in it. And I mean when we support the infrastructure, and the, the staffing, and all what the great Texas parks, left, department, family bring to the table. We see direct benefit with the community and the kids. I mean we see they're more environmentally conscious they're healthier. They are accessing outdoors. There's two from so many different levels from fishing to hiking mountain biking to paddling. I mean we to rock climbing utilize these parks on some different Cajun's, in and seeing those direct benefits and we couldn't be more insa port of George bristles efforts, and all the grace, all the great folks that stay behind this, folks. That's what we're here. I'm only George have it here in just a second. But we're here, so we make sure we tell the family, our listener family that this is something we have to do, we have to make when this becomes a proposition on the, you know, we voted in to be a constitutional amendment, and it will it, well, it is when to let George tell you more about it. But we wanna do is get it on the radar. We won't you to know it's out there. We want to make sure that in November this gets voted in. And we have the best damn park system and the nation, we have so many geographical areas, flora, fauna we have desert. We have the second largest canyon in the nation. We have the coast, we have the all you want to go to pine trees, go. The lost Maples do you wanna go, he oh, we have so many places to go. We have so many people that want to use them. We need more. We need this money. This is something we have to have George. I'm sorry, I'm getting all excited. I shut up let you have it. Now. Advocate. I wanna point out back to the benefits, we did studies all during the two thousand by Dr John Crompton, Texas AM on the economic benefits. And there's no question that by or or chatted rock, the local community, the local gas station, grocery store, both L. They also. Are beneficiaries of. Funding for park, and the better the parks are the more money that is going to be generated for the local communities, and it's up almost dollars now in an economic impact. The second thing is we've had. Goes biggers anybody else. We've we've had a huge mazing team this year that his work on this everbody from the Sierra Club to fishermen to local communities mayors. And then the legislators themselves of taking this seriously, this time, and I can't again, I can't say enough about state Representative John Syria, and has Senator laws Coker's they've done amazing job. I have two thirds vote in each house to pass the constitutional amendment Representative. One hundred forty nine hundred fifty house members decide on and the laws well, with twenty seven twenty eight thirty one Senator. So it's been a great team effort, and we look forward to it in the future. And then and then the future will begin to see those rotten bathrooms pulled out a new ones put in new cramp jam facilities so that when they people get to the parks, they will see. Yup. Radic cross aboard folks. This is why we will get George back on a fixed run out of time here Georgia's why jumped in here. But what we've got to do is make sure get this on the radar. We will George win. Can we get you back home long about September? When we have the proposition number and everything. I'll be around, well you plan on it. You just play on camera. You to be here, folks. This is something we've got to do this is something. We have to do just write it on the wall watching for the pop the part proposition will give you numbers George beco- here in September. Right that on the wall. Right now underneath it. Okay. We're talking parks. Yeah. We're gonna vote parks. Okay. Yeah. This is something we have to do George Bristol, my friend. Thank you so very much for what you're doing the state of Texas will appreciate it. You camry. Thank you so much. Wow. Bye bye. While while I mean. Y'all. September. We'll have him back on. You'll be listening. We'll let you know when he's coming on, I'm fixing time. Can we thank you for coming in? My pleasure, can I'm willing to miss that with this. This is. It's, it's this so much, we got to do it mean this is something we've got to do. One percent. And I mean, once you invest in land you invest in the middle. And that's what we're all about. Yep. Appreciate you coming around. Yeah. I'm here. But folks, and family, thank y'all forgetting up this morning. This is something we've got to do. We've got to get our parks made so much better. We have the best letting we have the best fishing. Why the hell don't we have the best parks? We do have the best parks. We don't have the best facilities think about it. That's what we're trying to do right now with this. We wanna make sure that when you go, you're safe, your kids are safe. You have clean bathrooms. You don't have to worry about things. Much stuff was built in the forties. And thirties, we gotta get at here day play music famous, thank y'all so very much. Thank you..

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