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We are going to ban political and religious figures from the segment mostly to avoid having did have a back and forth with any listeners who disagree because that's just not all that enjoyable in i don't want upset anybody that's not even the real reason i don't mind upsetting people i just don't feel like dealing with any more political or religious shit we all have enough controversy in our lives this is a safe place was supposed to be have funny it's my famous person that i want to fight today is casey affleck which i know is a little random and i'm and explain why something about his face upsets me and on top of that he's got all the sexuale gatien's against him now with multiple outofcourt settlements i saw the movie the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford which by the way is like eight and a half hours long and in that movie casey affleck pipped plays one of he plays robert forward one of the most punishable characters ever in it permanently ruined casey affleck for me now i realize casey affleck is in multiple you know classic movies what's the movie that bin aflac and matt damon wrote together goodwill hunting casey's in that just as a result of being ben's brother that's a great movie case he's not annoying in that movie but as a whole he has become a person that i want to fight and manchester by the sea was his most recent largescale success was nominated i believe it won many awards i think he won fort that was the most depressing fucking movie ever in very boring considering how messed up at was in the messed up circumstances the main character if you're going take me on an emotional rollercoaster to hail their better be some lesson in the lesson better be bigger than don't get shipped faced and burn your house down with your kids inside.

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