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Good morning, I'm John Aaron. And I'm Michelle bash. The top local stories we're following this hour, the launch of a new advanced placement African American studies course in the U.S. high schools has sparked nationwide debate. In Maryland, Montgomery county public schools plan to begin offering it next year and WTO spoke with the school superintendent about it. For students to make a connection to who they are today and what they need to do in the future, they have to first be able to understand their history and understand their history from a very honest place and perspective. Superintendent monifa mcknight says the AP African American studies course should help students do just that. So that they can better understand the opportunities that are before them and just to get to know who they are and how they see themselves in history. Montgomery county is expected to pilot the course at ten high school starting in the fall. Some Northern Virginia high schools are also planning to offer the course, though it's curriculum is under review by the state, critics say the course has a political agenda, Scott gelman, news, beginning tomorrow, parents will notice healthier drink options for kids in more Montgomery county restaurants. It's part of a bill that was passed by the Montgomery county council last year. The first phase, which goes into effect Wednesday, requires all restaurants to provide a healthy beverage for the little ones. Options include drinks like sparkling water, white milk, or fruit and vegetable juice. The second phase of the bill will require restaurants to offer healthy meals like at least two unfried fruits or vegetables, lean protein and 51% or more of whole grain ingredients. That will begin in September. Council member Craig rice, who introduced the bill, says it's about education and combating child obesity. Melissa Howell, WTO penis. A bipartisan push in the Virginia General Assembly to prevent smokers from being charged more for health insurance than nonsmokers now has the support of governor Glenn youngkin's administration. And that's a big change. The Virginia mercury reports young and vetoed similar bills last year, arguing they would increase the cost of healthcare for all virginians. Supporters of bills in Virginia's House and Senate to make it happen this year say they would save money for all virginians with insurance. The bigger insurance bills for smokers are allowed under the Affordable Care Act in part as an incentive to get people to quit. But analysts say that is backfired prompting many low income smokers to go without health insurance altogether. Bank stocks took a beating on Wall Street yesterday after the collapse of two banks, and something else has happened as a result of all this, mortgage rates have dropped. So we were just to put it in perspective at about 7.1% on the 30 year fixed two weeks ago and 7 O 5 just last week. Now we're down at about 6 and a half. And what that means really to a person buying a home is if you were buying, say, a half a $1 million home with 20% down on a 30 year fixed, your payment, your monthly payment just went down in the course of four days by a $128. So that's real money. That's CNBC senior climate and real estate correspondent Diana oleck speaking with WTO, the Biden administration says the situation surrounding those failed banks is under control and your money is safe in your checking, savings, and retirement accounts. While you may love March Madness, but your boss probably doesn't. That's because less work tends to get done when the games are on. The dream is away. It's estimated corporations lose billions due to unproductive workers during the run of the NCAA tournament, why are people so interested in it enough to cheat, work to watch southern Illinois university Carbondale professor Steve Carell tells WTO it's in part the Cinderella effect. You make history. As you are a fan of a small school and a minor conference, it can get big time notoriety just by winning one or two games. Even non basketball fans get into that, Caro also says paying attention to the games can also be a fun bonding activity that makes the workplace more enjoyable. Kyle Cooper, WTO news. Hey, check out today's date. It is three 14, otherwise known as pi day. In math, pi is the ratio of the conference of a circle to its diameter or approximately 3.14

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