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Philsopher carry and yet he's expressed signs ability Dick. So profundity and on beauty overdone ways a boss there. It's amazing just to have depth to add beauty. That's A. Problem for me I can. I can translate the meaning. I cannot translate a beauty. And power there. He's language, is it? Is there a Is there a passage that comes to mind? That epitomizes this depth and beauty that you could chat with us. Nobody you know an Thia? And that Gengis Cohen I think is the like a one point. And and he expressed his very deep understanding inside. Dharma saw. Why did he? And yet they. As like that needs to be beautifully tonight A. Poem. And Ginger Cohen was written for a layperson right? Yes, and it was. The whole of show begins, oh was that it wasn't written for a Layperson, what was the audience? I think Is Looking for are a possum, but probe desktop shogun. Return Fall! He's About the thing with him at his Australia. Because at the end of each school of his eight I put it in this to the. They got it. So, how does it differ? How does the advice for a layperson differ? Deduct change the way he's you know. He presented the Dhamma for lay people. This is the monks in the Tampa. was there a special special message for lay people? I think so. Fast, he's a fast whereas you was infects Aena Kyoto. Walking distance from that. And I think A. he had many day visas to break this study with him. But after he moved to. To establish From a very not so many gay people could visit him. So, he focused on its gate. Monk Disciples, and he had some kind of some kind of. December put disappointment. Teach to teach debut in the in the city. How come maybe they? People had some ex- X petitions because in Buddhism. Old, ladies six. Hundred Years History in Japan. Japanese. Buddhist has some expectation about. Ditching? Foot fat dog brought. From. From China was something very new. Oh, and how how would that different the expectation versus what dug in broad I think i. Was? Young and he's established established. He's Fast Morrissey I. Think they'll get expect those expectation if he president if he presented Authentic Daraghmeh. PEOPLE WHO Accent and support he yep. But he I property I think he found. For hard they own deeds into separate Buddhism. And what was that? Do think though the ritual side of things so Yeah, detroiters. Dr Freya for safety and peace, and we'll being of them the roofs and oversaw the piece of the nations. And also by supporting famous with these moustache and beating big temple can be. Express young their social status got it and so Duggan's emphasis on Zan, and and just sitting didn't fit with that expectation. Put over pretty, and what about you? Have you come Have you come back to studying or your your still continuing your years of of more just practice and not not study. Where is so fast? INDIA'S AT ANTI GENDER WORRIES Endo I. Try not to study on just the practice, but after. Five years. Leaving the? Advise Endo. My Body became hospital. I had to pay on my neck SORTA, and it'll a knee. was that from building the building the center from older building hot work?.

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