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Number. Two cards gives up a two run shot. Brian reynolds at seven. Six cards now in the ninth at pnc in pittsburgh there's like five people at the game i don't know vitz because it's a blackout side. Or because they're fifty games under five hundred but there's nobody there literally when the guy hit the home run landed in Stands and right and any number of people could have gotten the ball. Some kid got it and his mom started busting moves dance and when the got she had it all to drop moves she might even make sports she had all going jet little shimmy gone. She gave him a little one of these that she dropped into one of these copper. She had a little she had a little. Those gorge. you gave a little wanted. The buck owes bucko shown a little life out at pnc this afternoon. Wow that's good to see. The cardinals have only beat him around the last few days. It's nice to see a little life. We'll see if they can finish it off. We start today as always with the nfl. Scotty about that prescott cowboys put out a tweet last night. Nothing to worry about everybody. Calm down doctors going to get another. Mri next week yeah. That's no big deal. I'm sure that's going to go. Just fine here is tacky. spoke yesterday said. He's glad that he spoke about his shoulder when he did want to make sure he got the best treatment. Possible here's deck of never felt anything in my arm. So that was the the first alarm. go off even having soreness or even having a little bit of tightness of something. I've really ever dealt with so just filling. That as i said before i tried to work through it in an iso. I wasn't working through it Then at that point. I felt like it'd be smarts it's like i said i get into a team setting or competition setting and i'm just going to play and beat the be the natural player that i am and i don't necessarily think about injuries are thinking about those things and so what they're helping me protect myself. I've never felt anything before. I'm feeling something now. i don't know what it is. It can't be anything at all so what we're going to do is really get an. Mri generally means. There's an issue. And i love how they're trying to play it off like there's no. I'm telling you i said this yesterday. If this guy is injured again and misses any length of time. I mean their season is like flushing the toilet. I mean literally. There's no difference. Except that. Ever since i got that day. I've been fantastic backyard. I gotta tell you. I'm as clean as a newborn baby. Sas it's the greatest thing i've ever bought in my life better than having children having a bit. They love it but the cowboys need today to clean out their garage. Desert season will be over. That guy's shoulders fried well. I'm sure that steven jones with all the money that he has. He probably has a couple of days in his house. Each says that the cowboys will continue to be cautious with dak prescott here. He is on one zero five three the fan in dallas this guy so i mean it's just that's his nature to overwork. I mean what does that have to do. With being workman and michael enrolled up into one leadership acidy is his skills as desire to be great to be love him. I mean you really got a hard why we got to be so conservative. Because if you let him roll he's gonna he'd be out there playing Four quarters right against gilbert about back in. Let me roll gilbert grade play quarterback for the cowboys and see how they do. I mean what a crash landing. I can't listen either. One of them dak or stephen or his. Oh man. I mean what a mess. Let's go to new orleans. Where of course. They have a big quarterback competition going between tastes them. Hill and jameis winston. That saints are not going to rush that decision. Both quarterbacks are going to play in all the preseason games. Here's jameis winston. He knows that he has to get better at pretty much everything. Here's james. what is your critique. Two weeks party got to get better. And that's gonna be out here really have to get better. I can never stop getting better. Get better at everything or is there a couple of everything every single being every single things Like i said this does offense as has seen someone who's massive is offense past fifteen years So i'm never gonna arrive So continue screen offense And find ways to get better whether it's with this progression accuracy I'm just challenge myself like today on my wristband. It was precise passing. You know my purpose today was to be as accurate as opposed to compete. You know what. I went way more accurate something every single day to get less than i like famous. But let's get real here for a second. If you talk to anybody in tampa all they talk about is this guy throwing picks and just blow in big games. And so that's who is he throws a lot of yards a lotta touchdowns a lotta picks and a lot of blown games. I mean they are doomed. I you can just feel like guys. Like i'm just gone everything i gotta work. I gotta be better at everything. Because i basically saw under nine take it to the bank baby. Let's cash that ticket under nine. Wins saints also not exploring trade for michael thomas right now. Of course we know the problems between them right now. the saints seaver deontay harris. He asked the police to just let him go during his in july. That's not how it works. Got it you can't just ask them to let you go. I mean i guess sometimes you do get away with that but that didn't go very well for deontay these by i can give you if you give me a ride home and vicodin. Please let me go. Here's a good one from jacksonville. Ed maybe tomorrow we'll have some Some video of urban meyer. Because he put on a pretty good show today he claims that. Trevor laurence gardner meant you are in an open competition for the starting quarterback job so let me paint you a picture scotty. You're gonna tell me that shot. Calm down there. Jacksonville spent all that money on urban meyer to come coach the jacksonville jaguars with the number one overall pick johnny sunshine. And he's gonna start gardner you in the first game. Please is absolutely no chance at trevor. Lawrence is gonna play until he can't play a plan toes. somebody knocks his head off for carrying him off the field. He's their quarterback. That's it question answer mic drop bone. It's so true out to denver now. Teddy bridgewater drew lock. We know the situation there. Teddy is going to get the first crack on saturday nights. Starting the broncos first preseason game he is not going to over think any of teddy bridgewater. You know the biggest part for me on saturdays. Just getting my unit on now no matter. Who's out that whitney. China occurs the other. Ten guys and whitney to to be the best that it can be We take a one play at a time Not look too far ahead. And i think about what happened in the past and if you could just focus on that one play find purpose in every single rep Then we're accomplishing go. Yeah i'm not buying this team. Either carbide no certainly that my goal every day is to get my unit in the end zone checkout lookout also trying to get into the end zone. Perhaps the end zone at the end of his career is von miller. He did not play last year. He we know that he's won a super bowl in denver here. He is yesterday talking about his hall of fame resume. He's still playing. But we're gonna.

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