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Of mayor latoya Cantrell's press conference from city hall here in New Orleans the director of health for the city of New Orleans Dr Jennifer affect noble speak first and following that the director of homeland security Colin Arnold here is doctor of echo I want to reiterate what they're saying begin by saying we are nowhere near the end of this race that said we do believe we are beginning to see signs that I stay in order which is been in place for almost four weeks is working we're seeing a steady pace of cases which we believe will tell us that the infection rate is slowing however hospitalizations and deaths are still on the rise and we expect to increase for some time our local hospitals are holding steady but they are in the fight of their lives so it is more important now than ever that you continue to stay home we cannot let our guard down because that could bring us back to square one very very remember that the stable order has been extended through at least the end of the month and while we hope to see new cases well very soon some of our neighbors in terms of parishes in the states our days two weeks behind we are going to all be in this for some time I just want to offer my personal thanks and the thanks of our team everyone who is truly heating are warning and state please speak please keep it up one thing that that has been highlighted in recent days is that this disease is disproportionately affecting our African American community in the world that's due to many factors underlying health conditions and access to healthcare poverty racism and war here's what we call the social determinants of health even before because of it we've spoken up about the generations of inequities that have plagued our community and about the need for real lasting structural changes to accept to to address this unacceptable reality so as we close down our federal pilot driver testing which calling detail in a moment we are committed and will continue to ensure that testing is available these that are hardest hit into our most vulnerable communities communities of color we are actively working with local healthcare institutions to set up mobile testing that will help us bring to communities that are being impacted the most by severe illness and death we will bring it to you it's gonna be more to come on this in the next couple of days the medical monitoring station at the convention center is up and running there are several dozen publications now getting twenty four seven here as they were again this is a facility that's designed to take the strain off of hospital resources and services stepped down here center nine fragile patients out of the state very rapidly has expanded its criterion even further to accept patients referred by physicians in from other regions of the state in addition to local hospitals so what that means is that if you're positive and stable but you're worried about impacting your family members you can talk to your doctor about whether going to recuperate and the medical monitoring station at the convention center is a good idea for you if you seen the video and the pictures of it is radically impressive facility it is really probably the best facility if you look at the other ones that have been set up around the country this is absolutely the best private room private bathroom bathrooms twenty four seven bedside care three meals a day in a safe place to be monitored right I'm also excited to announce a new initiative today so dad so is S. E. W. like sewing with brand as we said last week we encourage residents and are essential workers in places like grocery stores pharmacies and banks everything that has to be opened in order for us to continue we recommended that everyone should wear face coverings while doing whether they're shopping or working I called unity in partnership with the city council and private industry has launched so that no one will collect only face coverings from donors and match them with requests from our essential workers this helps ensure that these essential workers are protected while they do the work that he helps keep the rest of the state during this crisis again this is not a health care worker unity is our face coverings for everyone else who is ensuring that we have what we need to survive so if you're a seller like to.

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