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You're like Oh that was one of their best movies. Yeah. He's a did that over and over again even Mickey Work and Kim basing her like he into pieces of and that's a really weird movie. It's one of my mom's favorite movies. I'm so weird. He taps into Kim basing our who only a couple directors. Really. UNTAPPED correctly. Right. Because in the wrong hands, she's just a bad actress a lot wrong hands for pork and big data. Wrong hands unfortunately much like Diane Lane. Yeah, but the thing about can basing her though is that she she doesn't have oh man, they're pretty similar Diane Lane and can be singer except the percentages are off with. Kim. Basing rate she's more she's more volume than Diane Lane is Diane Lane seems like She's not an actress, but she's a schoolteacher who wound up in a movie faith. He's your kids fourth grade teacher rich award was like that too. That was another one who Rachel Ward Richard and ever felt like she was an actual actress just grabbing are from restaurants because they don't she isn't there's nothing showy about Rachel Ward doesn't have anything showy about her Diane Lane doesn't have like an Oscar moment and if he does have like an Oscar clip moment, it's it's something it's very interior, but she's not somebody who's GonNa going to give like like you know like a yelling screaming shouting species all. Body Body language and facial reactions and it's just Great can basing theory area. Oh, sure. Born forty years too late. Oh. Yes. Absolutely. She should have she should have been apeaking actress in nineteen forty six. Yup. But she put look she would have been she would have had a market correction Veronica Lake. Marilyn Monroe re Marilyn Monroe I, got the jump on Maryland by about ten years. Yeah. They're in that kind of AVA Gardner or we'll Ava Gardner Veronica Lake I mean she would have had a little bit of trouble trying to like get link. Make things happen for herself there but idea when everything we should mention about Adrian Line he's in this era. You know think about nine weeks is eighty six fatal attractions eighty seven. This is like the video rental. HBO CINEMAX starting to come on era where. Either you're going to the dark side. You're just buying porn your by magazines or you're going to the rental store you're going into the back room and rent a Kabul or you're watching these kind of angel heart these kind of movies I can Kinda you're you're dipping your foot in the dip in your tone the water in these movies are really pushing the envelope and they're they're they had this outsized market share that I think starts to go away once we hit the mid-2000s. When I mean actual Internet porn comes in your need Adrian Line Adrian. Lions. Just not gonNA. Have the same impact. It's not gonNA it's not gonna be as like Whoa, people are having sex a movie. It's like people are numb to the shit now they were Um and even as late as two thousand two, I don't think no but there was something that I think started to shift I think you've got increasingly fewer these movies and the Internet was obviously upon us at this point but I think culturally that the Clinton Lewinsky scandal also an. Erotic thriller I think that we got really prudish in ninety eight at the end of the ninety S. And I think that having gone through that and then September eleventh. Like right after I just think we never got a chance to reset our relationship to sex and I think we just like sex just dropped out like PUTT sex in popular culture in entertainment just dropped out of American popular also weird to go see movies like this in a movie theater as the Years Pass in the twenty first century. Yeah. Well, I mean all the moral issues, but those don't start to creep in until..

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