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I mean I'm not famous, but there's some comedians that are just getting richer the ringer because. I mean comedian's job in parts. The envelope. And and their their hazards that go with that job. But I mean like for me like all that stuff kind of scared to do from dating kind of scares do from being home with the girl just so. Just. So you know why women are still wondering why they're seeing if there's women out there still wondering why they're seeing. Part of that I guess part of the backfire of Metoo. Movement, which don't get me wrong. Greek thing. I think it's good if the remind but part of the backfire of that is mannered too scared to go on dates now. Yeah I could see that. As a single man. I Tell You I. Am I am a little afraid to go on dates. I I am I glad to be married man you should be in this teenage. So that's that's a little long shorty against. I mean. Isn't enough of an rate or call it enough answer. It's it's enough. It's good enough for you for me if it's good enough for maximum for me, you know. So does that satisfy you yo what I like about the other thing I would like to put this email. If you didn't leave a name. For me. Anyway. So why no kids? Wine. Okay All right. There's a really simple answer to. What? I think it's great. It's There are several parts to it but I'm going to start with the simple. I've known a lot of people with kids and they all say, it's the best thing that ever happened to him. And they all say that through braided teeth and sleep deputies nearby Groupie. And their. Really and their wallets and Plucking PTA. Where they gotta take the kids to soccer. Yeah. And your kid doesn't even play. Yeah. At or or like you know they, they dropped an F bomb somewhere normally of big deal but their kid was there and now the whole neighborhood thinks they're a fucker. Four in front of their kid. Yeah, so I don't need that shit in my life. I just don't. Then then there's like my wife feels the same way every both you don't have a rarity I just want to point something out is rare to find a woman like your wife doesn't want kids. I found probably the best woman in the work. Yes I'm stoked on. Don't let her go. nope. No. fucking way. Get into floor 'cause unique. I had a tough time when I tell them women. Tell. Them. Maybe that's another reason why I'm still single it gets I'll tell them. I. Don't kids. Yeah. I wouldn't drop that on the first day. It's not even on the first date. It's like we're hanging out for a little bit. And see it eventually comes up. Why are you in your Ford is you don't have kids transmit eventually come up now I I believe. In people thinking selfish and make notes out. I think it's selfish that if I wanted to father educates statement the one woman stay with one woman. I know plenty of due to have done that. Yeah. I think I think it's Okay, I'll get in trouble for saying this I. Think it's selfish to want to create a brand new child when there's a whole bunch of children who need a good home read you've got a good home and you're like, but I don't want those secondhand children I wanNA make out. I mean, fuck you people. Yeah. So anyway. Bacteria and sorry. Yeah. So there was that and then children are so. I mean yeah. They have their cool things like it's you like childlike wonder off. That's great. You know going to be around. I. Am I really enjoy spending like an hour with the kids. In a very nice. Not. Pedophile. Give somebody else's kid that comes over your house. If you haven't barbecue something at home like I'll keep them occupied and break with them and you know we'll like like play with the dog together something. I understand I feel the same way. But. But inevitably there comes the moment really start crying or yelling screaming were hidden were just being fucking generally shitting or they get some germy shit on their hands and. Get they get fucking sticky. Thank you can watch child head to toe you scrub them and dip them in bleach? And release them in the wild for one hour, they will come back sticky hands. Hands, and you know what they're gonNA do with those sticky hands they're gonNA put on. They're going to touch your thanks can touch your your. Your windows are GonNa poke your glasses with the grubby little things mathematical, clean your glasses. Fuck it. They're disgusting. Children Not GonNA discussed it. You're drinking nutrients and they're like, no I walked they WANNA put their mouth your drank. Nobody's putting their mouth on my. fucking disgusting little sherm filled. fucking. They're just so gross and they're the future. So in the future, the future of our great nation, there are disgusting future. Yeah. Yeah are a is there any other reasons why you know kids fool? Yup. Yep. So, I've. So it's also work and it's expensive share like a child is the most expensive hoppy. DUDES has four different kids by four different women. Yeah It doesn't sound great now. I mean. And I'm sure. If I had a kid here's. What you have a kid and then there's something in our DNA read when we have a kid all the sudden, it flips a switch and then it's like Oh this is the best thing ever. Just. That shit in your fucking weird little lizard brain that wants to preserve your your your gene line. By, loving this child or doing anything, it's not because it's actually making your life better. It's not it's actually making you happy. Because, you have some sick obsession with making.

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