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Of exceptional natural beauty and taken it in and enjoying it. And I like going to movies too. Yeah. So that's like sitting by a fire when it's cold. All right, Brian, Cassese. How are you? So mentally prepared for buds at such a young age, short answer. I wasn't think I was too dumb to quit too naive, maybe I think in all seriousness, I think that's honestly a lot. It's largely genetic. I don't think it's a nature versus nurture. I think it's both, but to me, there's an element of mental toughness that either have or you don't. If if it's there, it can be harnessed and built and and for the fide and and raised in terms of its stress threshold. But I think I was I was very fortunate to have some of that from genetic aspect. And then again, I had a very good strong support of healthy family that that was always there for me. Jay strict, twenty eight forty eight is often depicted as untrustworthy and having tear motives to the military by the media be at books, movies at cetera that being based on the work, you or others known the soft community of done with them. How true is this reputation. Just going to say one thing, you won't catch me engaging in any business with them. That's all I'll say. Scott, William seventy seven. When we'll try co- franchises start would be starting in Canada, possibly still working out the issues on on franchises and trying to figure out how to go about that the best way, but just stay posted. I know up and saying that. A underscore Hildebrandt. You have any advice for graduating college student who is completely unsure of what they wanna do, but as a hardworking, son of a bitch, yes, I do go serve something other than yourself. Again, whether it's the military, civil service, fucking whatever. Boys just go do something and until you figure out what it is that you wanna do put that time to use while you're trying to figure that out in a positive manner by serving above your of yourself, Rick, twelve eighty five win, choking oneself. Should the hand position be right over left or leftover right? Asking for a friend. Yes. Trike. And if you had to join another branch of service, what would it be and what MOS. Marines. Oh, three hundred snow I actually I mean there would be some some that would be on the list that were. Honestly, probably probably the army. In probably Schiff. Fuck. I don't know. Honestly. There really isn't a mean. If I had to join another branch, I'd figure out a way to get back in the navy fucking love, the navy. I'm proud of what I did. I loved what I did, and I wouldn't change it..

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