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Is one, eh? I'm Jen White in Washington. It's November 4th. And when we help this conversation earlier today, we still didn't know who won the presidential election. The story is changing by the minute but today we wanted to take time to talk to you. We asked what you're thinking about the results so far. In what questions you still have. Reid Wilson joined us from Arizona, He's national correspondent for the Hill and author of Epidemic Ebola and the Global Scramble to prevent the Next Killer outbreak. It is great to have you back. Hey, Jin, How are you doing? All right, are most important Guest today, though, is you? How are you thinking about the results so far? What questions? Do you still have Give us a call? The phone lines are open. 8552361 a one A. That's 8552361 to 1 to read at this stage. We should probably start with what we know. I don't know. What are we still waiting on? While we're still waiting on vote counts from a couple of key states here actually, a significant number of key states. We're looking at states like Michigan, Wisconsin. Pennsylvania, which remain UN called North Carolina and Georgia are still on the table. Though. President Trump leads there by a decent margin and then state like Nevada, which is always pretty slow to counted. Votes vice president by former vice President Biden is likely to win there. But we have yet to get some actual results and we're probably not going to get the final results from Nevada until tomorrow. But this thing the Biden campaign at least, is pretty confident that they're going to start adding to their lead substantially today. They expect Michigan and Wisconsin to be called in their favor. Pennsylvania may take a little more time, but what we're going to see over the next 24 hours is this race closing for Former vice president Joe Biden. What we've got Suzanne from Madison, Wisconsin on the line Now, then you have a question about polls and and whether they reflect what's going to actually happen during an election. Go ahead. It's not actually question is comment. I, um I do not believe that people who vote for Trump For who are conservative or perhaps even independent and have different reasons for their voting. What would easily publicly state so because off the social pressure, there's so much anti Trump Pressure. I didn't vote for Trump mind you. I um However, I do. Read a lot. I read the national review Every guardian. Ah Washington Post. I stay very informed as kind of a thinker and I was even accused at one point because I read some concerns. Uh, um public matter that that I Waas, a trump supporter. I think we are really doing each other. The service we're afraid to talk about. Issues or we don't know how to talk about. If you we don't know how to face conflict. There's such a great deal of anger, and that's why the Poles aren't going to get it because they're not going to hear from any continent thinkers. And they're not going to hear from people afraid to state the okay in publicly Suzanne. Thanks for that call. Let's go to Christine. Christine, You're in Maryland. What's on your mind? Hi. Yes, I'm hearing a lot of confusion about how this election, you know, could be so close in the polls be so wrong, And I think one major part of the dynamic that isn't being spoken about. Is our nation's investment in white supremacy. And I don't mean just be over in a white militia type of racism, but really like the desire of so many voters to see white people. Remain in power in an increasingly diverse and non white nation. I think it's more comfortable for white people, and I include liberal white people in conservative white people in that, Christine. Thanks for that call. Reads that you hear from two callers there one saying that, you know, she doesn't think the polls reflect voter sentiment accurately because people are afraid to share their thoughts. And Christine there saying that you know she thinks white supremacy. Plays a role in how people are voting your thoughts. Well, let's let's address the poll question First. I'm glad we got this in the first five minutes of the show. Um the Poles were very, very wrong in a lot of these swing states. Now they might not be wrong on the national level. In a repeat of 2016. Joe Biden is goingto have a substantial lead in the popular vote. But of course, polls don't know Poles measure the popular vote. But the popular vote isn't what decides. Who the president is going to be the fortuitous that the first collar was from Wisconsin, where some of the polls were. I mean outlier doesn't begin to describe it. The Washington Post had Joe Biden up 17 points last week. The New York Times had him up about 11, 11 or 12 in the last few days, and if Wisconsin goes the way we think it will. It's going to be a race of a few 1000 votes here, or there s o the in talking to my democratic and Republican friends this morning. They are all furious at their own pollsters. It's not just the public polls like it's the private ones that peak in all the campaigns pay a lot of money for That that whiffed seriously on this. I took a look at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's internal How's polling and I mean, they had Biden leading by huge margins in district that he ended up losing, so there's going to be a serious sort of a second..

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