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Now our top stories a fire station in north Seattle long suspected of causing serious illnesses. And firefighters has been cleared out tests revealing micro-toxins from mold and the fire chief and Seattle's mayor opted to shut it down for further testing. Here's komo's Carleen Johnson. Steady devastation. Thirty one back in two thousand three revealed one hundred nineteen firefighters assigned to that station over the years going back to nineteen seventy five hundred open had gotten a cancer diagnosis tough to be sure the station is to blame. Though, firefighters in general have increased cancer risk because of toxins and smoke and burning chemicals can Stewart's the president of Seattle firefighters union local twenty-seven every month that our union meeting, we read the list of line of duty deaths across the United States, and it is cancer cancer, cancer cancer cancer. So this is a scourge of the fire service. Stuart says the fire chief and other officials are now doing all they can figure out what's going on. Fred hutch is due out with study results this fall. Really appreciate the efforts of tooth Goggin and mirror. And in really engaging in that study to work with firefighters local twenty seven to find answers. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Expecting to hear more from Seattle's fire chief on the situation at station thirty one a little bit later on this hour. So be sure to stay with coamo for the latest this afternoon, you can share your thoughts on the future of the port of Everett that poor will hold an open house with topics ranging from strategic planning to feature projects along ever waterfront that open house starts at four this afternoon runs until seven as being held at twelve five. Craftsman way. That's gomo's. Ryan yamamoto. By the way, you can also weigh in online. Find link on the are hotlinks section of KOMO news dot com. Starting tomorrow, Washington state troopers are going to be watching for distracted drivers.

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