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The hour your home for original reporting I'm but Michigan one day after the air strikes that killed running in general Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad the trump administration spent Friday justifying its decision citing so money's past actions and future intentions the president spoke to a crowd in west Palm Beach called evangelicals for trump he was plotting attacks against Americans but now we've ensured that his atrocities have been very good they are stopped for good the US says it is sending an additional three thousand troops to the Middle East Iran call the air strikes a criminal act of state terrorism by the U. S. and has vowed to retaliate CBS news national security correspondent David Martin now with more on the air strikes that killed so the money the money was in Syria on Wednesday and then flew to Lebanon on Thursday he left Lebanon for Iraq when his plane landed in Baghdad to reaper drones were circling overhead Shula money and a militia leader got into a sedan and the rest of his party boarded a van the shut off down the airport road one four hellfire missiles struck simultaneously two for each vehicle the expectation that Iran will respond means stepped up security all across the United States CBS is Jeff to gaze at the White House the secret service was heavily armed with long guns in New York City police units deployed to key landmarks the NYPD says it was out of an abundance of caution we have an international incident that can and likely will have global implications for years U. S. law enforcement officials have been concerned about a rand striking U. S. targets by using proxy organizations like Hezbollah on the impeachment inquiry Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the floor of the Senate Friday discussing with the trial of the president will not look like about this benefit that the speaker of the house will get the hand is on the trial proceedings in the Senate that's obviously a non starter minority leader Chuck Schumer says McConnell is avoiding the real issue he has no good argument against having witnesses and documents so he resorts to the subterfuge is in Australia there is but one story over the last couple of weeks and this weekend raging wildfires engulfing large swaths.

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