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Whether now sponsored by Mercedes Benz of Fort Washington Westchester in Atlantic city your CDS three Stephanie Simona areas of Mr Dressel look likely in the afternoon before our second round of steady rain pushes in this rain will impact your evening commute could be heavy at times as temperatures hover in the low to middle fifties rainy comes more scattered site we turn breezy and then on Tuesday it won't rain all day rain looks likely again during the afternoon and evening as a front moves through we warm up to sixty three but once the colder air moves in it'll change that rain over to snow for a period of time early Wednesday the or ending with highs around thirty eight reining in forty eight degrees setting to fifty six this afternoon three things to know in seconds three locations are friendly Salvador selection makes your Mercedes experience easy see the new twenty nineteen Mercedes Benz CLA to fifty available for only three twenty nine a month for thirty six months available at all three Mercedes Benz dealership support Washington Westchester and Atlantic city just right yours today or shop dot com stocks still lower this check on Wall Street sponsored by crash proof retirement dot com where you can listen live to the crash proof retirement show every Saturday morning at eleven and Sunday afternoon at one that was down sixty one points nasdaq losing nine SNP five hundred giving back four points when you need to know we've got you covered depend on KYW newsradio greetings to know in one forty five sponsors of a gun give back campaign in Philadelphia claim a successful first weekend now aim higher the Philadelphia priest accused of molesting a child is declared unsuitable for ministry recapping our top.

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