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Eighty interview with alex trebek's the longtime jeopardy host died sunday. This is fresh air. After months of campaigning. We are finally on the cusp of knowing what happens next in the white house and in the halls of congress the npr politics. Podcast will be there with you every day with the latest results will tell you what you need to know in these uncertain times. Let's get back to my interview with megan repeal. No she's a champion soccer player and last year after the. Us national women's soccer team won its fourth world cup. She was awarded the golden boot top scorer and the golden ball. As the tournament's best player renault was also part of the us team that won a gold medal at the two thousand twelve olympics. Now she has written a new memoir called one life. Re piano is an lgbtq activist and recently announced her engagement to sue bird. A champion player in the wnba repeal has also fought for equal pay and women's soccer and twenty sixteen a week after colin kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem. Repeat took a knee and support and face the consequences. I asked her why she did it. And what the immediate reactions were all. The immediate reaction was bad for most people. I would say but i think bad in the mainstream sense bad In the you know twitter sphere and all of that but in bad among white people. But actually i would say the amount of support which came later and came in different ways you know from black people white people people all across the spectrum so so far outweighed all the negativity but of course mainstream media social media. You know i think soccer fans in general which are predominantly white and. I think just the you know. The majority of america was very very upset at that time what. I was thinking at the time. So we've gone through the summer of two thousand fourteen we've gone through the black lives matter protests going through two thousand fifteen. That's all still happening. Doesn't sixteen summer was just so tragic You know on sterling Landau steel and you know the dallas police officers shot..

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