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Common sense. Leland Conway on NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A S. Because you got a lot of time. Matt. We are back NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, Toni Monetti Dwight Whitney, Dave Jennings, all filled in for Leland Conway takes three of us. You just carry the water of Leland Conway rows. Right. Let's not break. It. As we get through to eleven thirty. Eleven thirty today will turn it over to Kentucky basketball, they play Winthrop. And then Louisville basketball follows that. Right. Wait is it that the guy's name at four hours with no not forty eight hours. Winthrop winthrop. I was trying to get the scene loaded up and it cut right before that part. That's the part that I wanted careful when you pull that stuff kidding. All right. We are rolling on through talking about obviously tomorrow thanksgiving. You have heard the CDC has issued. Now, a warning they tell you pull all of your Romain lettuce. Oh, wait, no worries for Dwight no worries for me. But so this just explain something on social media last night. And everybody was saying who cares about lettuce anyway and lettuce. Unlike the hell's going on romaine is the nicer type of instead of the iceberg lettuce romaine kind of took over a couple of years ago. And that's what everybody uses in their mic salads for thanksgiving. So the joke is but the CDs saying, hey, it's, you know, it's not like well, donate the romaine in Wisconsin. And Washington they're saying nationwide throw away all of your Romain lettuce. And this was after the raw Turkey incident from last week. Yes. So happy. Thanks. Giving don't eat Turkey and Orlando s but who eats? I mean, I will do I will get a little side, Sal. Iran. No, no, no, I like salads, basically everything on my plate is like pale or yellow like macaroni and cheese rayvey, stuffing gravy. I mean, there's really really is it called or stuffing just because they put orange juice in it. Noah's voice tres in it, man. Stuffing? Oh, yeah. Sure. Oh, yes. So what wins out the oysters of the trip to fan? Oh, yeah. You get tired yellow busy way for you fall asleep during the busy. I've done that before. And let me tell you the next morning nothing more flattering. Hey, what are you? So mad about. How come you're not talking to me? It was on twenty first birthday. I. I mentioned this last night, and I stopped. This is where I know we don't need to go any further in this story. This is not six PM. This is in the morning. All right. So we're not going to finish the story where you fell asleep having sex with some woman actually said that what I just alluded to all right last two nights ago. I got this on the internet. Dave, guess is. There's a new NCWA record set for the lowest points scored and a half you, and I sat and many games at big east watch big east games and going. Oh my God. This is terrible or back when Louisville place Saint Louis. Oh, my sorry. Is it fourteen to ten right now? What is the double record set by eastern Michigan when they played Rutgers the other night for the lowest points scored in a half, take a guess total or just for the one team total though for for eastern Michigan eight four, oh they scored four points in the three of us could have accidentally got in four points against right bounced it like bounce down. Court shots two of them. Maybe six I guarantee you doing a half of basketball one of the opposing teams would have been with a fast chess passes. I would've accidentally accidentally gotten away. It would hit me in the head. And it'd go. Tulsa, Oklahoma is offering remote workers. Do you know what a remote worker is someone? That's not onsite remote worker is somebody works from home or works at a coffee shop or anywhere. That's not a regular office. Like anyone? So we're remote workers is this not a regular office. Well, I have an office you so you're not regular. Your irregular affairs. Anything about it. I'm working on. But would you move? The salads would care apparently Tulsa is so awful. They're awful is they're offering ten thousand dollars to move to Tulsa. Wow, you get twenty five hundred dollars in moving expenses and five hundred dollars a month. And then a fifteen hundred dollar bonus at the end of the twelve months, so they make you search like a survivors bonus. So you're right. If you make it a year, you get the full ten thousand dollars just for a living in Tulsa, just a move to toll. So they want they claim there an ideal city for people like that are quote, unquote, remote workers, and that they cost of living is perfect. And they added in we have an array of museums. There has to be a cap on this. The free stuff crowd will go to tells Liz spend a year there and bolt will there has to be a cap like twenty people mobile with you go what if there's a mass exodus to Oklahoma? Well, here's the other side. Well, the way the stock market's going that could happen. What if what if tosa would've Tulsa gets no one, let's say we even offered people ten thousand dollars fallen asleep during being insulted episode. Part. That's an episode of parks and rec, right? We offered ten thousand dollars to move here. Wait for the fly there at the Novi coming standing there blinking. There's no one coming in Dayton and Akron are going. Tomorrow is is a lot of fun day. What are your plans for thanksgiving? What are you? What are your your parents are in Florida? Are they coming up? Now, they'll come up for Christmas. Okay. So Becky gets up early. Gets the Turkey going. I wake up when I started smelling it, right? The the parade is on the TV and the grandkids are coming over. So we're we're staying in. Okay. We're cooking and entertaining and date or a Dwight you live near your sister right across from the field. Right. Isn't it? Yeah. But they go to North Carolina every year. Oh, good for you. I mean, no terrible terrible. My favorite thing about thanksgiving is all of the family together extended at all just crowded in the kitchen together, laughing, and you can actually accidentally brush up that hot sister-in-law when you're squeezing by the coast law has tagged me to what why it sits is a relative. It's okay. Yes. Cousin? That is your favorite thing about thanksgiving. Yeah. That in the food. The food is good least favorite thing is when that creepy uncle comes up and accidentally brushes. He does the same move. You're trying to do describing you. I think I'm a Turkey. I I used to be a Turkey guy. Mashed potatoes gravy. Tons of that little bit of Turkey little bit stuffing dark meat. It's all about the match. Well, I don't wanna do it. Because when I would never eat white meat again. So I've just been doing the white me. Someone told me that one thanksgiving. Go dark, you let me tell you. That's all I want. I want I want the dark meat man in. It's juicier. In the leg and underneath portion. Right. Is that where you go for the dark meat when the turkeys a little dry dock meets can down in the juices. I used to eat like a you'd go to the amusement park. And they have a Turkey leg for sale, and you go boy, I wanna eat healthy. I'm going to grab that Turkey legs. Gotta be healthy low, carb locale. No, no. If you look at the stats of a Turkey leg fifteen hundred calories. Oh, yeah. Fifteen or Kelly's the salt content alone. Should it could kill several children you're selling Dwight on it. Oh, no. No. This is just dripping down my shirt, but let's be honest. There is nothing like sweet potatoes. Oh with Brown sugar and butter for voiced your stuffing. No, no, you would much the calorie content and your butter sweet potato sweet potato by themselves as a healthier option than a regular potato Yam or non about. But when you put when you put cinnamon and butter on your sweet potatoes is not exactly health, then then it tastes good. It really is delicious. My grandmother used to take the Turkey faces. And and you're making this law that is a law. We'd have Turkey faces. That's because nobody in the town used the Turkey faces. They would just go to you on a Saint Olaf. They would just throw them away. I couldn't believe it. You couldn't eat it. Without the Triscuit though, you got put it on Triscuit because that brings out the flavor of the face. Oh. I missed grandma. Do you make a wish if you get the beak? You got pull of face apart. Whoever gets the ride is going to have warm weather all year when I think we've reached the bottom true. You've never had Turkey faces when I think we've reached the bottom still you found a new love the only ten fourteenth only ten for an hour and fifteen minutes left back after this. Tony Dave Dwight on NewsRadio eight forty W H S.

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