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Okay so there's two options keep my files or remove everything even if you said keep my files i would still say make a local backup i just in case yeah i think i out today ailing you can get a giant external drive that you plug into the usb port i would do that than back everything up to it and then do that from now on so you have great to have carbonite but you also want to have a local one right here point one is the way does up eight failed with for a few weeks wasn't completely got the bait and i think that's when i was wrong or you probably almost certainly that's the hard drives a little flaky remove everything and start over this will by the way remove malware as well if that is something and but it will also refresh those files and see if it fixes everything might if it's it stays sluggish or you still get blue screens in austin apps then probably you have a flaky harddrive but that's easy to fix you could just take it to best buy or somewhere and having put a new drive in or you i think you can do it yourself just watch videos on youtube look up that delon's bron model and watch some videos just some screws on the bottom you take them off and you put it in drive and you put him back on and that is know what after you do it you'll give yourself a gold star on your forehead you'll feel very proud.

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