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We're just doing the kind of background noise today and that practice simple simple practice sister descend. I think to know to be able to tune in to some kind of deep level of communication with land. Beautiful that's magical. I think that's a rat. Thank you so much. Turn blackie for coming onto the accidental. Goes podcast we might want for compensation thank you. It was a pleasure. And that's it for another week enormous thanks to sharon for the integrity and the wisdom and the depth and the magic of all that she is and says and does as we said at the start i will put links in the show notes to her website where you can look at her courses and output links to her books. If you haven't read it women rose retail and the enchanted life. Then do head out and get them and there's a new book on the way called chewed. Which will we looking at the right of passage of growing older. We didn't explore that much on the podcast but when it comes out we will come back and have another conversation. And in the meantime thanks as ever to carry a c. For the music and foot and for the sound production. Thanks to face tillery for the website in the tech. And thanks to you for listening. If you want to hear other castes. If you want to find the show notes if you want to come to the membership program which is our best endeavor to create structure and guidance on the path that could help you to connect to the web life to the enchantment of the world to the world so then come to accidental god's dot life there are links there also to our events on there are two in september. The first is on the fifth september. The sunday at five o'clock. Uk time when edgy demo kerr who is with us in podcast. Seventy four will be coming back for podcast book club. This is free. And it's open to anyone and you can register if you click billing connor website. The second is a gathering on the nineteenth just before the equinox and this too is open to everybody. It's called a mind as deep as this. It's a three hour gathering and you can come whether you've been working with accidental god's for all the time of our existence or you have never worked with us before. I won't really in the three hours of this time. To explore our headlines the parts that we really have access to the parts that we think with and ov- and to through our days and see how we can think most cleanly unclearly and how we can use our minds in the service of connecting to the left is to the world so to the heart mind of the universe. So have you ever wanted to work with us under. Not sure what it'll feel like. This is a relatively brief. Three are sunday afternoon from six o'clock till nine o'clock uk time and you can come along and explore so we hope to see then are we that g on the fifth and beyond that we will be back next week with another conversation but that is it for now. See you next week. Thank you and goodbye..

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