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Weekly the podcast learn everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't I'm bobby. Finger. I'm Lindsay Weber. And this is this is a who we haven't talked about in a few weeks but who popped up on my feed for the best reason I mean, she always pops up on my feet, but then she popped up again for this reason listen. Okay. Tab Guy He. Amylase behind he this ain't just. This from Dunkin and guess what guess. Kinda. Milk. OATMEAL honey come home. Dunkin planning. Okay. is now available at Dunkin honey starting today whole beer be good. Another non dairy obsolete. Is Tabitha Tabitha. That's amazing. Because not that I'm like pleased about you know I'm so pleased because Duncan put a lot of money recently into Charlie Demilio, the other tap, the like teenager tectonic. So it's nice that they're spreading around the marketing money because you also have Tabitha who is a prominent Vegan? Text traffic, which is exactly what we're talking about here. Again right and Charlie who loves dunk regular Dunkin. They're giving them both money which is thrilling to me, and also, I mean the most willing to me is oatmeal Duncan which I went and had yesterday the day that it came out add to go. Was Great. What did you think you liked it. Yeah. It was not too sweet. I had it in a lot today. It was a great. Love to have it as an option. Yeah, I love is great. Obviously I was going to get it this morning because you know to treat myself a with a coffee pot cafe ball copy on Thursdays and sometimes Fridays but for shrinking duck is a great cafe. Yeah. Yes I, know and then I realized my favorite coffee shop on the whole world reopened. Finally when I was worried, they wouldn't open at all until I went there instead I just couldn't what's your favorite coffee shop through your favorite? Daily Press Oh you WANNA delivers. Did you see the new Lincoln Market on the corner? That's so huge crazy. That building is cursed not building. See this building. Oh, I saw anyways I was but daily press us open their amazing I'm but you do need to go to Dunkin to try the almost Like a very. Big For this this is truly the funniest most like deep-seated bit but I don't feel as bad about it because we did get paid for by Dunkin once lake in the past. So it's not the saddest kind of like thing and you know I do feel like just like Charlie demilio was passionate about Dunkin for years before she got her big spawn I'm also the goodwill is growing between me and the brand What's funny is that like you cannot win. So I was looking at the comments on on this on now on this thing and it was like hi Tabitha like I'm also Vegan I. I don't think that it says that it's Vegan friendly soap milk and she's like, no I. Assure you it is. So it's like she must have gotten the press release from them. It's like no, it is and then someone else said that's really great habit that I loved that they're taking these steps doing plant based staff but also single use plastic cups. Tapa and then she's like well, you know what they used to have styrofoam than they got rid of science phone. With us out here like you got to pay her more because she's out here like putting replying to comments like that is. The Styrofoam. Hey. I wouldn't be doing I. Could not be me lending Dunkin further I would take the paycheck and I would make the tick- talk and I would you know move the hell on all right so you're listening to, who's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions, comments and concerns at six, one, nine, who them we have a lot of. We have a lot of comments today. We have a lot of questions most common. The shows become the comment show, which is us. As always sort of been, the case was not really what we had planned but shaw were you know when the comments are good the comments are good. We can't deny but I will say like a lot of comments today haven being bobby if Emily you're definitely not going to pay this call site I just wanted to tell you about my experience. Muslim. Fetish strain inch massage I'm not sure why I decided. I needed to go get patronage massage I literally have no memory of the inciting incident that led me to eventually walk through the door of like a slightly shady midtown doctor's office latch decides finish. MASSEUSE operated out of. And I think I paid her via though. But what happened was I was on the table was that sheet put these two like Plastic. Bags on both of my legs certainly. like I do by not with a toll Shughart and then she attached them for something that. Tighten them up like a blood pressure cuff and then released them again and they did that over and over again like throughout the whole rest of the massage experience this the city of. Electrodes and she rubbed them on my abdomen and sort of like A. Probing rhythmic way for quite a while I don't know I kinda went into that. You know that zone and you're getting any kind of isn't so bad it felt a little. Like definitely felt like she was touching specific internal organ with the electrode very deliberately like probably my liver or like my gallbladder something and after the first one because I got. Treatment, I'm a one woman low rent a goose lab for some reason I felt totally normal and nothing really out of the ordinary happens and it just. Went. On about my life and then the next time I got one I really noticed afterwards that like racing just felt sort of like. Better in my. Organs I don't know how to describe it but It's just like made everything seen lined up and like it was in the right place like doing things very happily for you know sometimes the other thing that I wouldn't scandal invasion fascist that my friend she got in from the same person person to put on his champion. Sticking per after a lymphatic drainage size and it was just crazy like. Something amazing. That looks like a species under a sea slug that you would never expect some out of human body and I was kind of hoping that has happened to me, but it didn't Anyway, thank you for allowing me to share. Sorry. good form. So sorry, french-spanish. I think you probably do thank you for calling. Don't apologize because I encouraged you to leave that call. I I don't even know if we can play that call in full because it's so long I'm going to have to cut it down just a little bit but thank you so much for calling emily I. If I'm going for a massage, it's not going to be Olympic massage I. Don't know I don't know why I'm making that judgment I don't know. I don't think I would get it. It's not gonNA be Ellen fabric massage while you're I mean I'm sure there's you know I'm not. Like, I just wanted to human. Touch my my wedding big. Do whatever. Yeah I, don't know I mean yeah I don't know. Great. Highlands Bobby. I just listened to the Joe Joe. Conversation and I was really confused until you brought in. Bo, Joe Joe, and grow Joe. Gel I. Thought. You meant go Joe. Joe was teaming up with trader Joe's for their Joe Joe Cookies and maybe was having some special line of Joe Cookies..

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