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The KCRW AB. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Magically. Tropical Storm ADA is battering much of central Florida this morning with heavy rains and strong, gusty winds. The storm came ashore before dawn near Cedar Key north of Tampa. Along Florida's Gulf Coast. There are reports of power outages, flooding and roads being closed. Control of the Senate will be decided by January's to run off elections in Georgia that was confirmed after Republican incumbents Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Dan Sullivan of Alaska were declared winners of their 2020 races yesterday by The Associated Press. Republicans control 50 Senate seats ahead of the run offs him a hurt with member station W. Abe says the campaigning in Georgia is already underway. In the first Republican campaign event of the Senate run offs. Florida Senator Marco Rubio came to support his colleagues, Senator David Perdue and Kelly Leffler. This is George's decision to make But it's America that will live with the consequences of the decision that they make here. One of the Democratic candidates, Jon Ossoff's has also begun campaigning. Even though George is November election is not yet in the books. Purdue and Leffler are calling on Georgia's Republican secretary of state Brad Raffles Burger to resign over his handling of the election without citing any evidence of mismanagement. Robin's Burger won't resign but says he's moving forward with a full hand recount of the state's presidential race for NPR news. I'm Emma hurt in Atlanta. This is NPR news. Father and son accused of killing a 25 year old black man as he was drugging through their Georgia neighborhood are due in court today for a bail hearing. Emily Jones with Georgia Public Broadcasting, says Amon Arboria was shot to death nine months ago near Brunswick. Father and son, Gregory and Travis pick, Michael's say they suspected armory of recent break ins in their neighborhood along with another man. They chased and blocked him with pick up trucks before Travis McMichael confronted Armory who was fatally shot in the ensuing struggle. All three men face nine counts on charges, including murder. The judge has already denied bond for the third suspect. New coronavirus restrictions go into effect today and tomorrow in New Jersey and New York, affecting thousands of businesses. Include bars, restaurants and Jim's, which must close by 10 o'clock each night. Earlier today, India's capital reported its largest jump in new Corona virus infections over a single day as she asked me to contact reports. Health officials worry that number may move higher after India celebrates Diwali this weekend. The valley is the festival of lights when Indian set off firecrackers to celebrate in New Delhi that's raising concerns about a spike in air pollution, which is already at its highest level in a year. The Corona virus could also search as people get together and crowd markets for festive shopping down. Futures are down 250 points ahead of the Open on Wall Street. I'm Dave Mattingly. Wow. On this Thursday. You are listening to KCRW. I'm.

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