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Smokers getting together? I didn't think about Don Nelson being Don Nelson setting up for the dummy booth? No, I don't always looking always looking for the angle competitive advantage, of course, the same way he was looking for that angle. Like after the after the boyars, Uh, beat the Mavericks and lots of jazz. Like, you know, I think I'm I retire. I'm getting a little old. Maybe I just Maybe I just give it up and they came down with a contract extension. More minds like you know what? I feel better. You know what? I wouldn't mind coaching a couple of years. Let me double down on Crisco. Hands money here. God, you yesterday We were talking about Nelly. That you You wouldn't call him a genius. I would dare say that he is exhibited genius like, uh, decision making from time to time And this last story. It just just reinforces my belief that Don Nelson if he's not an outright genius. He doesn't just like tendencies. He's got some visionary. He's gots visionary elements to him, though for sure he could kind of living. He knew he had suckers. Female head sisters very could plan because guess what stacked acted the same exact thing. You got rather round decided to an extension, it said and then said, trade me. Yeah, he did e wanna be here. Oh, he wants beer. Sign. What sign? Understand? Now, we were fan. That ain't that cool. But if you're Steven Jackson, you like watch this Which is I'm gonna get him. They got him. And then he said, others team socks only get trade give you get me out. You know the funniest thing is that Robert? Ralph Thought for a few, probably a few months that he and stacked Jack, We're like down, you know, I'm sure he did. This is stacked jacked, right? They're like, Oh, yeah. I gotta draw this guy in Sam got you? I'm gonna get in with Stack, Jack. And then I'm gonna. Yeah, right. You just used you, but Robert Robert Jackson goes, this number's been disconnected. Stop there. Static. Check my man like, bro. I don't know. You don't know who's just the white guy here? I don't know. I don't know what you wanna do this right now. Yeah, with the butler in the trading places, man, what happened here?.

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