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Lindh is expected to be released from federal prison today. The California native was admitted has admitted to providing support to the Taliban, he was with them enough denniston on nine eleven CBS news correspondent, Jeff, the gays says Lind will be watched closely officials aren't talking about what led to Linz early release, but it will be supervised and he is not allowed to possess view or access information that contains extremist or terroristic views. He reportedly will be under supervised release for three years. Then all goes, well he'll be on his own four years ago. Lind sent a handwritten letter from prison to channel four here in LA. He expressed support for ISIS saying the terror group that beheaded Americans was doing a spectacular job variety reports that the writers guild of America has agreed to resume negotiations with Hollywood talent agents, the stalemate between the Gill then the ata has been going on for six weeks. WG president David Goodman, says they got a proposal from UTA president j source to get back to the table. No data set for the resumption of talks, but they will send her on packaging fees, which the guild says enriches agents at the expense of writers. If you are a fan of brokers milk. I hope I've said that, right. It comes in those special glass bottles that you have to pay a deposit on. Well, get it while you can gilson's posted that the dairy in Montebello will be permanently shutting down its operations after a hundred years. Of serving area, customers, and Gilson says as of today, they will no longer receive any of the milk, shipments and guy Fieri the food network personality, now, has a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood. It's outside the ease town apartments on Hollywood Boulevard, the star of diners drive ins and dives. And every time I look at it I get hungry and guy's grocery games. He got his start on TV in two thousand six as the winner of food, network contest, believe it or not. Two people. Struck by.

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