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That like in a week's time there probably won't even be much of a debate even states or in England. I hope I mean but I don't. I don't think there will be because I think what happens is is a strange sense of human. Is Survival Instinct? That seems to kick in and also good sense of community writings to kick in as well. I think you'll you'll be experiencing that in as well. I don't think it's specific to any one culture. I think it's a typical just of the human nature that at some point we kind of like just help out each other. You know and I think that I think that's key that kicked in about a week here and if they will kick in probably to weaken over in the states and England I mean I think I think we can get over this. I don't think it's it's GonNa be it's GonNa be tough afterwards because of the economic consequences and everything social differences and stuff and I don't know how long it's GonNa last but I think we can get over it. That's an angle that I don't think people who appreciated his the the after effect month from now two months from now six months from now a year from now the ripple effect of what this is GonNa do. I I don't even under I. I can't understand it because I don't know enough about you. Know the the workings of Finance and all that but I do know it's going to be a a a huge imprint. Much like like nine eleven was the economic residual effect of that in there but this is so much larger on a world scale. I I it just. It feels like everything is going to be brought. I mean just looking at my finances personally. I was finally getting somewhere financially where I could have some money set aside. I was saving and building up now all my money has been redirected into you know. I'm furloughed now. And and now using money to to you know we bought a supply of food to have and everything like that and get bills kind of you know where we at least caught up and everything. You've got everything under control I'm not. I'M NOT DUMBING Indiana Shave. Most people probably I mean I think you could save. It may be okay. It's thought that you all that you know economic all that work that you had to do to get that money but at least you had it when yet exactly you know. Ironically if you had been focusing only on your comedy career it'd be because I know a lot of people who actually lived off with comedy and emanate and anybody who doesn't know living off comedy is very weird thing you've ever surviving while doing comedy is kind of. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah me you bad at the best of times even if you have multiple TV credits and you're still eating Rama noodles. That's fairly absolutes. The reality of it's crazy. I mean the the reality is a comedian. Lives off comedy. Because the only thing he can do because he loves it so much or he has no other opportunity in the world. That's when you live off of company. I know Comedians who are a really in dire straits at the moment and Comedians and not just convenience also come authors. I mean I have a little bit of a network so I mean I know I speak rhythm daily. Anybody who's on the creative end. Who creates things that are consumed? Just for pleasure. You know the not necessities so to speak. I think anybody in those kind of backgrounds of that's was your source of income. Things are arguing greatly change for you. But you're lucky actually if you think about it because you focused a lot on the podcast and podcasting is is going to survive. Because it's you know it doesn't require direct contact and I think that that was the big difference between American comedy in European comedy when it hit is that European comedy didn't really never really went into the whole direction of podcasting introduce still lie. You know and there were a few comedians. That were kind to in podcast but I mean to be fair. The only people listening to them were other comedians. There was no general audience listening to them. So but while in America you have this whole culture. Podcasts kind of started ten years ago or seven years ago. Whatever exploded to the point where everybody had their podcast and now is a radical parts of comedy. So I think that Comedians can can take advantage of that in the stance to stay relevant. Stay alive while in Italy. They're kind of doing it now. But it's it's like they're catching up but yeah I mean I think the podcasting thing is going to weather the storm a little bit for for for the American comedians. Maybe the entertainment industry will will be different after this. Well what what's in demand versus. What's not my right. No I have no idea I mean all I know is that I think that. Now they were talking about releasing movies directly on my arms if that basically means if this is like the last nail in the coffin to physical cinemas and that's standing. Because I'm a big fan of movies you know I've got up. Forbidden Planet Poster Back. I love films you know and and stuff like that and I love going.

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