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Christ show tomorrow morning at six on kfi am 640 leading talk oh my god becky left at her bat f s so beck selects like one of those wrapped guys girlfriends that now who understands those wrapped is that only talk to her because she looks like a tunnel prostitute i mean just so sad it's the round kfi pete lau this okay first of all let me just backup the train what it made me think of this song number one it is literally the twentyfifth anniversary of this song being number one on the charts number one this was number one on the billboard charts 25 years ago now think about how a head of his time sir mix allott was when at that time prime everybody was trying to be thin and supermodel ian and cindy crawford in linda evangelista and then this guy comes out and says don't lose weight don't do set up style you know have a big the doc i'm here where we are lousy with big dunk i mean for those of you you are who wanna know completely how oncall i am just listen to this next segment of this break but here's the thing i really didn't believe that people got by implants i thought that was a joke in our people saying oh the card and i'm thinking what what's going on that everybody looks like a hot and taught like everybody's got these weird dino hotton titus what is a it's a tribe in africa that has large oh yeah like supposedly josephine baker was a hot and taught i say you know it's a thing like they have these very shapely bodies they have little tiny wason big gdanks right i mean i'm talking off the top of my head that was what i thought like last time i looked it up because anyway you can you can look it up while we're talking don't ask me how to spell hot and taught are but anyway on on the short of it is now everybody's got these giant butts right and i didn't you know so just tell you the story of the.

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